Poster Abstracts

Alicia Aarnio (University of Michigan) - "High-resolution spectroscopy of Herbig Ae/Be Stars" (#108)

Vardan Adibekyan (Centro de Astrofísica, Universidade do Porto (CAUP)) - "On the origin of stars with and without planets. Tc trends and clues to Galactic evolution" (#109)

Vladimir Airapetian (NASA) - "Toward Self Consistent MHD Model of Chromospheres of Late Type Evolved Stars" (#110)

Vladimir Airapetian (NASA/GSFC) - "Magnetic Interaction of a Super-CME with the Earth's Magnetosphere: Implications for the 770 AD Solar Energetic Particle Event" (#111)

Thomas Allen (University of Toledo) - "The low mass population of the nearby, large young cluster Cep OB3b" (#112)

Kimberly M. Aller (IfA/Hawaii) - "Searching for the Elusive Substellar Members of Young Moving Groups with Pan-STARRS" (#113)

Katelyn Allers (Bucknell University) - "Confirming the Age of a Free-Floating Exoplanet Analog" (#114)

F. J. Alonso-Floriano (UCM, Madrid) - "Preparation of the CARMENES input catalogue. Low-resolution spectroscopy of M dwarfs" (#115)

Catarina Alves de Oliveira (European Space Agency) - "Herschel survey of brown dwarf disks in rho Ophiuchi" (#116)

Marin M. Anderson (California Institute of Technology) - "Searching for Extrasolar Planets with the Owens Valley LWA" (#117)

Simone Antoniucci (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma (Italy)) - "HI lines in Young Stellar Objects: a probe of accretion and circumstellar properties" (#118)

Antoaneta Antonova (Dept. of Astronomy, St. Kl. Ohridski University of Sofia) - "Low-resolution optical spectra of ultracool dwarfs with OSIRIS/GTC" (#119)

Costanza Argiroffi (Dip. di Fisica e Chimica, University of Palermo) - "Activity-Rotation relation in the young cluster h Per" (#120)

Pamela Arriagada (DTM, Carnegie Institution of Washington) - "Exploring deconvolution techniques of M-dwarf spectra" (#121)

Sarah Ballard (University of Washington) - "Multiplicity of Planets Among the Kepler M Dwarfs" (#122)

Daniella C. Bardalez Gagliuffi (UCSD) - "Bridging the gap on tight separation brown dwarf binaries" (#123)

Sydney A. Barnes (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics) - "A unified model for rotation, coupling, desaturation, and angular momentum loss from cool stars" (#124)

Juan Carlos Beamin (P. Universidad Catolica de Chile - European Southern Observatory) - "Nearby low mass stars and brown dwarfs with the VVV survey." (#125)

Benjamin Beeck (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research) - "MHD simulations of near-surface convection in cool main-sequence stars" (#126)

V. J. S. Béjar, A. Pérez-Garrido, N. Lodieu, B. Gauza, R. Rebolo, H. Harrison, R. McMahon on behal (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias) - "Ultra-Cool dwarfs in the VISTA Hemisphere Survey" (#127)

Carolina Bergfors (University College London) - "The AstraLux M dwarf survey part 2: The multiplicity of mid- to late-type M dwarfs" (#128)

Alexander Berkner (University of Hamburg) - "Treatment of Molecules in 3D NLTE Radiative Transfer" (#129)

Luca Bertello, Alexei A. Pevtsov, Mark S. Giampapa, Andrew R. Marble (National Solar Observatory) - "Solar cycle Dependency of Sun-as-a-Star Photospheric Spectral Line Profiles" (#130)

William Best (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii) - "Building a Volume-Limited sample of L/T Transition Dwarfs with Pan-STARRS and WISE" (#131)

Beth Biller (University of Edinburgh) - "The binary fraction of the very coolest brown dwarfs" (#132)

John Bochanski (Haverford College/Rider University) - "The Most Distant Stars in the Milky Way: Confirmation of an M giant near the Galaxy's Virial Radius" (#133)

Rosaria Bonito (UNIPA-INAF-OAPA) - "Modeling the accretion shocks in classical T Tauri stars: the role of local absorption on the X-ray emission" (#134)

Brendan Bowler (Caltech) - "The Outer Architecture of M Dwarf Planetary Systems" (#135)

Cesar Briceno (Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory) - "The low-mass pre-main sequence population of the Orion OB1 Association" (#136)

Alexander Brown (CASA, University of Colorado) - "X-ray Emission from Young Stars in the TW Hya Association" (#137)

Esther Buenzli (Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg) - "Spectral variability observations of the very nearby brown dwarf binary Luhman 16AB with HST" (#138)

Adam Burgasser (UC San Diego) - "The SpeX Prism Library 2.0: Science, Education and Art from 1000 M, L and T Dwarf Spectra" (#139)

Dongtao Cao and Shenghong Gu (Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences) - "Prominence activity, flare and post-flare loops on the RS CVn-type binary SZ Psc" (#140)

Joleen Carlberg (Carnegie Institution of Washington) - "Lithium Inventory of 2 M_sun Red Clump Stars: Is Li created during the He Flash?" (#141)

K.G. Carpenter and T.R. Ayres for the ASTRAL Science Team (NASA's GSFC) - "The HST Treasury "Advanced Spectral Library (ASTRAL)" Programs" (#142)

Brad Carter, Stephen Marsden and Ian Waite (University of Southern Queensland) - "Zeeman Doppler Imaging of the surface activity and magnetic fields of young solar-type stars" (#143)

Luca Casagrande (The Australian National University) - "Asteroseismology for Galactic Archaeology" (#144)

Paul Wilson Cauley (Rice University) - "Herbig Ae/Be vs T Tauri Stars: Accretion and Outflows with 1-micron Spectroscopy" (#145)

Heather Cegla (Queen's University Belfast) - "Understanding Astrophysical Noise from Stellar Surface Magneto-Convection" (#146)

Julio Chaname (Universidad Catolica de Chile) - "New Age-Rotation Constraints at Old Ages from Wide Binaries" (#147)

Ann Marie Cody (IPAC) - "The Coordinated Synoptic Investigation of NGC 2264" (#148)

Ofer Cohen (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) - "A Grid of MHD Models for Stellar Mass Loss and Spin-down Rates of Solar Analogs" (#149)

Neil Cook (University of Hertfordshire) - "A Method for Identifying M dwarfs with Ultra Cool Companions in 2MASS and WISE" (#150)

Christopher Corbally, Richard Gray, Jon Saken (Vatican Obs., Appalachian State U., Marshall U.) - "Short-term Activity in Young Solar Analogs" (#151)

Miriam Cortés Contreras (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - "Preparation of the CARMENES input catalogue. Multiplicity of M dwarfs from tenths of arcseconds to hundreds of arcminutes" (#152)

Kevin Covey (Lowell Observatory) - "A Kinematic Survey of the Perseus Molecular Cloud: Results from the APOGEE Infrared Survey of Young Nebulous Clusters (IN-SYNC)" (#153)

Justin R. Crepp (Notre Dame) - "TRENDS Discovery of a Benchmark T-dwarf Companion" (#154)

Ian Crossfield (MPIA) - "Global, Spatially-resolved Meteorology of Cloudy Brown Dwarfs " (#155)

Kelle Cruz (Hunter College, CUNY & AMNH) - "Reliability of Spectral Diagnostics of Temperature and Youth for 5–50 M_Jupiter Mass Objects" (#156)

Jason Curtis (Penn State) - "Dating middle-aged stars" (#157)

Sebastian Daemgen (University of Toronto) - "Disk Evolution in T Tauri Binary Systems" (#158)

Conard Dahn and Hugh Harris (U. S. Naval Observatory) - "Parallaxes for Cool Subdwarfs" (#159)

Claire Davies (The University of St Andrews) - "Accretion discs as regulators of stellar angular momentum evolution in the ONC and Taurus" (#160)

Cassy Davison (Georgia State University) - "Rotational Velocities of Nearby Mid M-Dwarfs" (#161)

Robert De Rosa (ASU, USA/University of Exeter, UK) - "Cool companions to nearby stars - detection and characterisation with adaptive optics observations" (#162)

Niall Deacon (MPIA) - "Benchmark companions to nearby stars from Pan-STARRS 1" (#163)

Casey Deen (Max Planck Institut für Astronomie) - "Measuring magnetic fields in young stars" (#164)

Elisa Delgado Mena (CAUP) - "Li depletion in FG stars: planets and rotation" (#165)

Laetitia Delrez (University of Liège (Belgium)) - "Ground-based transmission spectrum of WASP-80 b, a gas giant transiting an M-dwarf" (#166)

José Dias do Nascimento Jr (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics - CfA) - "How typical is the Sun's magnetic cycle lengths ?" (#167)

José Dias do Nascimento Jr (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, USA) - "ROTATION AND AGES OF SOLAR ANALOGS REVEALED BY THE KEPLER MISSION" (#168)

Caitlin Doughty (University of Washington Astronomy Department) - "Monitoring the Variability of Newly-discovered Symbiotic Stars: A Progress Report" (#169)

Stephanie Douglas (Columbia University/American Museum of Natural History) - "When good fits go wrong: determining realistic best fits and uncertainties on L dwarf physical parameters" (#170)

Emily Drabek-Maunder (Imperial College London) - "HCO+ in LkCa 15 transitional disk" (#171)

Dainis Dravins (Lund Observatory, Sweden) - "Stellar Spectroscopy during Exoplanet Transits: Dissecting fine structure across stellar surfaces" (#172)

Xavier Dumusque (Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) - "Activity of quiet stars reveals their inclination" (#173)

Edward Dunham (Lowell Observatory) - "Airborne Transit Observations of Cool Stars" (#174)

Andrea Dupree, N. S. Brickhouse, S. R. Cranmer (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) - "TW Hya: Insights from Time-Domain Multi-Wavelength Spectroscopy" (#175)

Suzan Edwards (Smith College) - "Permitted Emission Line Profiles in T Tauri Stars" (#176)

Scott G. Engle (Villanova University) - "Current Results of the Living with a Red Dwarf Program: Activity-Rotation-Age Relationships for M-dwarfs" (#177)

Taran Esplin (Penn State University) - "Searching for brown dwarfs in Chamaeleon" (#178)

Ahmad Reza Estakhr (Researcher) - "Little Imbalance in Gravitational Pressure of Sun Causing Deadly Climate Change on Earth." (#179)

Gregory Feiden (Uppsala University) - "The Influence of Magnetic Fields on the Structure of Low-Mass Stars" (#180)

Gregory Feiden (Uppsala University) - "Updating the Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Model Grid: Pre-Main-Sequence Models & Magnetic Fields" (#181)

Francis C. Fekel, Michael H. Williamson, Matthew W. Muterspaugh, Jocelyn Tomkin (Tennessee State University) - "A Progress Report on New Spectroscopic Orbits of Potential Interferometric Binaries" (#182)

Carlo Felice Manara (European Southern Observatory) - "On the gas content of transitional disks: a VLT/X-Shooter study of accretion and winds" (#183)

Joe Filippazzo (City University of New York) - "Expanded SEDs and Bolometric Luminosities as Direct Measures of Brown Dwarf Physical Parameters" (#184)

Ettore Flaccomio (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo) - "X-ray activity and proto-planetary disks - new insights from the Coordinated Synoptic Investigation of NGC2264 (CSI NGC2264)" (#185)

Scott Fleming (STScI) - "Near-Infrared Radial Velocities of Hundreds of Kepler Eclipsing Binaries With APOGEE" (#186)

Colin Folsom (Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie) - "The evolution of surface magnetic fields in young solar-type stars" (#187)

Jonathan Gagné (Université de Montréal) - "Brown Dwarfs in Young Moving Groups" (#188)

Jonathan Gagné (Université de Montréal / Caltech) - "Young Brown Dwarfs in Nearby Moving Groups" (#189)

Eric Gaidos (University of Hawaii at Manoa) - "A Map for the World: An All-Sky Catalog of the Nearest, Brightest M Dwarf Stars" (#190)

Cezary Gałan (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the PAS, Warsaw, Poland) - "Chemical abundance analysis of the symbiotic red giants" (#191)

Eugenio Victor Garcia (Lowell Observatory) - "Extreme High-Spatial Resolution Imaging of the Lowest Mass Pleiades" (#192)

David Garcia-Alvarez (IAC, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain) - "The Gran Telescopio CANARIAS Variable Star One‐Shot Project" (#193)

Cecilia Garraffo (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) - "Magnetic Modulation of Stellar Angular Momentum Loss" (#194)

Bartosz Gauza (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias ) - "A mid-IR imaging search for substellar companions of the nearest stars" (#195)

Christopher R Gelino (NASA Exoplanet and Science Institute) - "Characterization of WD 0806-661B Using Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescope Photometry" (#196)

Luan Ghezzi (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) - "On the Spectroscopic Properties of the Retired A Star HD 185351" (#197)

Mark Giampapa (National Solar Observatory) - "The Variability of Photospheric Line Bisectors in the Sun-as-a-Star" (#198)

Gordon Gibb (University of St Andrews) - "Investigating the Coronal Dynamics of High Differential Rotation Stars" (#199)

Ed Gillen (University of Oxford) - "The first low-mass, pre-main sequence eclipsing binary with evidence of a circumbinary disk" (#200)

John Gizis (University of Delaware) - "The nature of variability in early L dwarfs" (#201)

Philippe Gondoin (European Space Agency) - "The transition between X-ray emission regimes in the M34 open cluster" (#202)

Philippe Gondoin (European Space Agency) - "Lithium abundance and rotation in the Pleiades and M34 open clusters" (#203)

Richard Gray, Christopher Corbally, Jon Saken (Appalachian State University) - "The Young Solar Analogs Project" (#204)

Hans Moritz Guenther (CfA) - "HST FUV monitoring of TW Hya" (#205)

Cecilia María Guerra Olvera (Universidad de Guanajuato) - "Revising the Wilson-Bappu effect" (#206)

Kevin Gullikson (University of Texas) - "A Search for Disk-Born Stellar Companions" (#207)

Gregg Hallinan (Caltech) - "The Radio and Optical Aurorae of Brown Dwarfs" (#208)

Kevin Hardegree-Ullman (University of Toledo) - "Photometric Variability of Y Dwarfs" (#209)

Hugh Harris, Conard Dahn, Trent Dupuy (U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff) - "Astrometric Orbits and Masses for Three Low-mass Binaries" (#210)

Suzanne Hawley (University of Washington) - "The Kepler View of Flares on Low Mass Stars" (#211)

Raphaelle D. Haywood (University of St Andrews) - "Understanding the Sun’s activity to improve exoplanet radial-velocity detections" (#212)

Leslie Hebb (Hobart and William Smith Colleges) - "Precise fundamental properties of a surprisingly hot, low metallicity, 0.2 Msun M dwarf " (#213)

Aren Heinze (Stony Brook University) - "Brown Dwarfs with Dynamic, Rapidly Changing Clouds" (#214)

Neda Hejazi (York University) - "M dwarf Metallicity Distribution and Galactic Chemical Evolution" (#215)

Krzysztof Helminiak (Subaru Telescope; NCAC Torun) - "SEEDS - direct imaging survey for exoplanets" (#216)

Gregory Herczeg (KIAA/Peking University) - "Optical Photospheric and Accretion Properties of Nearby T Tauri Stars" (#217)


Volkmar Holzwarth, Scott Gregory, and the BinaMIcS collaboration (Kiepenheuer-Institute for Solar Physics, Freiburg i.Br., Germany) - "Magnetic field extrapolation in binary and star-planet systems" (#219)

Derek Homeier (CRAL/ENS-Lyon) - "The Lyon-Exeter grid of (sub)stellar evolution models" (#220)

David Huenemoerder (MIT Kavli Institute) - "Probing rotational dynamo extremes: X-ray and optical spectroscopy of the 0.5 day period eclipsing binary, HD 79826." (#221)

Joanne Hughes (Seattle University) - "NGC 3201: Population Studies from Photometric Metallicities" (#222)

Ana Inés Gómez de Castro (AEGORA Research Team, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - "Observational constraints to the magnetospheric structure of T Tauri stars" (#223)

Ana Inés Gómez de Castro (AEGORA Research Team, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - "Observational constraints to the physics of the jets of TTSs from UV observations" (#224)

Ana Inés Gómez de Castro (AEGORA Research Team, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - "Observational constraints to the atmospheric structure and the accretion shocks" (#225)

Panos Ioannidis (Hamburger Sternwarte) - "Monitoring the behaviour of spots using photometric data" (#226)

Jonathan Irwin (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) - "The MEarth-North and MEarth-South transit surveys: searching for habitable super-Earth exoplanets around nearby M-dwarfs" (#227)

David Jaimes (Department of Astronomy, Columbia University) - "Anchoring the age-rotation relation with the ZAMS cluster Alpha Per" (#228)

Sandra Jeffers (Goettingen University) - "The Bcool magnetic snapshot survey of solar-type stars" (#229)

Sandra Jeffers (Goettingen University) - "Detecting planets around enigmatic stars" (#230)

Sandra Jeffers (IAG, Goettingen) - "Preparation of the CARMENES input catalogue. High-resolution spectroscopy of M dwarfs" (#231)

Eric Jensen (Swarthmore College) - "Are planetary orbits aligned with binary orbits? " (#232)

Christopher M. Johns-Krull (Rice University) - "The HST-FGS Parallax of XO-3 and Implications for its Hot Jupiter" (#233)

Anders M. Jorgensen (New Mexico Tech) - "Update on the Stellar Surface Imaging Project at NPOI" (#234)

Melodie Kao (Caltech) - "Auroral Radio Emission from Late L and T Dwarfs: A New Constraint on Dynamo Theory in the Substellar Regime" (#235)

T. Karalidi (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona) - "Maps of brown dwarf atmospheres" (#236)

Joel Kastner (Rochester Institute of Technology) - "V4046 Sgr: Touchstone to Investigate Spectral Type Discrepancies for Pre-main Sequence Stars" (#237)

Kendra Kellogg (Western University) - "New Brown Dwarf Companion to a Young, Low Mass Star" (#238)

Benjamin Kidder (University of Redlands) - "Gyrochronology of Low-mass Stars - Age-Rotation-Activity Relations for Young M Dwarfs" (#239)

Bokyoung Kim (Ewha Womans University) - "High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Hipparcos Cool Dwarfs" (#240)

Marcin Kiraga (Warsaw University Observatory) - "Rotation period - X-ray activity relations based on ASAS and ROSAT data" (#241)

Rainer Koehler (MPI for Astronomy) - "Dynamical Masses of Pre-Main-Sequence Binary Systems" (#242)

Rachel Koncewicz (Oxford) - "CO Fluorescence and 2D Atmospheric Models of two Cool Stars" (#243)

Sohei Kondo (Koyama Astronomical Observatory, Kyoto Sangyo University) - "The metallicities of Arcturus and mu Leo from z-, Y-, and J-bands spectra with the high resolution spectrograph, WINERED " (#244)

Taisiya Kopytova (MPIA) - "Chemical abundance of brown dwarfs as a key to formation scenario" (#245)

Nadiia Kostogryz (Kiepenheuer-Institut fuer Sonnenphysik) - "Polarimetry of transiting exoplanetary system HD 189733." (#246)

Tereza Krejcova (Hamburg Observatory) - "Star-planet interaction" (#247)

Arunas Kucinskas (Vilnius University, Lithuania) - "Cool stars as tracers of multiple stellar populations in the Galactic globular cluster 47 Tuc" (#248)

Arunas Kucinskas (Vilnius University, Lithuania) - "OH infrared lines as indicators of oxygen abundance in the atmospheres of cool stars" (#249)

Manfred Kueker (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam) - "Meridional flows and their role in stellar differential rotation and dynamos" (#250)

Andreas Künstler (Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP), Germany) - "Starspot evolution on the red giant star XX Triangulum" (#251)

Radostin Kurtev (Valparaiso University, Chile) - "The VVV proper motion survey " (#252)

Oleksii Kuzmychov (Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik Freiburg, Germany) - "Magnetic fields on brown dwarfs" (#253)

Alexis Lavail (Uppsala University) - "A study of magnetic fields in Intermediate Mass T-Tauri Stars" (#254)

Samantha Lawler (University of Victoria) - "The Disk and Planets of the Solar System Analogue tau Ceti" (#255)

Sebastien Lepine (Georgia State University) - "Revised spectroscopic distances and kinematics of local field M dwarfs and M subdwarfs." (#256)

Sara Lindgren, Ulrike Heiter, Bengt Edvardsson and Andreas Seifahrt (Uppsala university) - "Accurate metallicity determination of M dwarfs" (#257)

Jeffrey Linsky (University of Colorado) - "Predicting the Extreme-UV and Lyman-alpha Fluxes Received by Exoplanets from their Host Stars" (#258)

Michael Liu (University of Hawaii) - "Ultracool Dwarfs in the Extended Solar Neighborhood as Exoplanet Analogs " (#259)

Joe Llama (University of St Andrews) - "Detecting Exoplanetary Magnetic Fields " (#260)

Nicolas Lodieu (IAC, Tenerife) - "An homogeneous view of the IMF across the hydrogen-burning limit in nearby open clusters" (#261)

Sarah E. Logsdon (UCLA) - "Near-Infrared Imaging of T and Y Dwarfs with MOSFIRE" (#262)

Miguel Angel Lopez-Garcia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - "Multi-wavelength study of the young stellar population of the Orion B molecular cloud" (#263)

Javier Lopez-Santiago (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) - "The extension of the corona in classical T Tauri stars" (#264)

Parke Loyd (Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy, University of Colorado at Boulder) - "Fluctuations and Flares in Stellar UV Emission Observed by HST and GALEX with Implications for Exoplanet Transit Observations" (#265)

Phil Lucas (University of Hertfordshire) - "Eruptive variable protostars: the view from VISTA and UKIDSS" (#266)

Jacob Lustig-Yaeger (University of California, Santa Cruz) - "On the Detection Significance of Molecules in Exoplanets from Secondary Eclipse Observations" (#267)

Gregory N. Mace (UCLA) - "Brown Dwarf Variability in Multi-Epoch WISE Photometry" (#268)

Suvrath Mahadevan (Penn State) - "Stellar & Exoplanet Science with Precision Near-Infrared Spectroscopy" (#269)

Lison Malo (CFHT & University of Montreal) - "Searching for young stars in the Solar neighborhood" (#270)

Eric E. Mamajek & Cameron P. M. Bell (University of Rochester) - "The Beta Pic Moving Group: Further Support for an Older Age" (#271)

Elena Manjavacas (Max Planck Institut fuer Astronomie, Heidelberg) - "Towards a complete brown dwarf binary fraction including spectroscopic binaries" (#272)

Andrew Mann (University of Texas at Austin) - "Prospecting in Ultracool Dwarfs: Measuring the Metallicities of Mid- to Late-M Dwarfs" (#273)

Mark Marley (NASA Ames Research Center) - "The Atmospheres of Directly Imaged Planets: Where has all the Methane Gone?" (#274)

Emily C. Martin (UCLA) - "Analysis of M and L dwarf surface gravities in the NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey" (#275)

Savita Mathur (Space Science Institute) - "Dynamo modeling of the Kepler F star KIC 12009504" (#276)

Titos Matsakos (University of Chicago) - "Modeling accretion shocks with 3D MHD numerical simulations" (#277)

T. Matsakos, A. Konigl, A. Uribe (University of Chicago) - "3D modeling of hydromagnetic star--planet interactions" (#278)

Kyle McCarthy (University of Kentucky) - "Characterizing the AB Doradus and Octans-Near Moving Groups via High Resolution Spectroscopy and Kinematic Traceback" (#279)

Matthew McJunkin (University of Colorado at Boulder) - "Measuring Extinction Toward Young Stars With Interstellar Lyman-alpha Absorption and Molecular Hydrogen Fluorescence" (#280)

Travis S. Metcalfe (Space Science Institute) - "Properties of 42 Solar-type Kepler Targets from the Asteroseismic Modeling Portal" (#281)

Marco Mittag (Hamburger Sternwarte) - "First results of the Hamburg Ca II survey with TIGRE" (#282)

Zaira Modroño-Berdiñas (IAA-CSIC) - "Cool Tiny Beats Project" (#283)

Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial College London) - "Angular Momentum Evolution in Low-Mass Stars: A Fresh Look" (#284)

Jean-Louis Monin (IPAG-Universite de Grenoble) - "Outflows in Young Brown Dwarfs - Clues from new PdBI observations" (#285)

D. Montes (UCM, Madrid) - "Preparation of the CARMENES input catalogue. Mining public archives for stellar parameters and spectra of M dwarfs with with master thesis students" (#286)

Benjamin Montet (Caltech, Harvard) - "The Occurrence Rate of Giant Planets around M Dwarfs" (#287)

Dylan P. Morgan (Boston University) - "Examining Flare Rates in Close M dwarf + White Dwarf Binary Pairs" (#288)

Caroline Morley (University of California Santa Cruz) - "Clouds and Variability in Cool Brown Dwarfs" (#289)

Claire Moutou (CFHT) - "Spectropolarimetry of planet-host stars" (#290)

Simon J. Murphy (ARI/University of Heidelberg) - "The low-mass membership of the Octans association" (#291)

Robert Mutel (University of Iowa) - "Mapping UCD Magnetospheres Using Spectral Tomography" (#292)

Koraljka Muzic (European Southern Observatory (ESO), Chile) - "Where Do Brown Dwarfs Come From? Insights From The SONYC Survey" (#293)

Meunier Nadege (Institut d’Astrophysique et de Planétologie de Grenoble, Université Joseph Fourier) - "Simulation of granulation and supergranulation radial velocity and photometric time series" (#294)

James Neff (National Science Foundation & College of Charleston) - "Constant Stars in the Kepler Database" (#295)

Hilding Neilson (East Tennessee State University) - "Linear Polarization and Convection in Cool Stars" (#296)

Nicholas Nelson (Los Alamos National Laboratory) - "Towards a Unified Model of Stellar Convective Dynamo Action and Magnetic Flux Emergence" (#297)

Vasco Neves (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte) - "A new Fe/H] and Teff calibration for M dwarfs in the visible: a high-precision tool to explore the star-planet relation" (#298)

Alejandro Nunez (Columbia University) - "Deep X-ray imaging of M37: a better Hyades" (#299)

Masashi Omiya (Tokyo Institute of Technology) - "Subaru IRD-Doppler survey: A search for Earth-like planets orbiting late-M dwarfs" (#300)

Daniela Opitz (University of New South Wales) - "Searching for Binary Y dwarfs with the Gemini GeMS Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics System." (#301)

Rahul Patel (Stony Brook University) - "Sensitive Identication of Warm Debris Disks in the Solar Neighborhood through Precise Calibration of Saturated WISE Photometry" (#302)

Francisco Paz-Chinchón (UFRN, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil) - "Rotation Periods for Kepler Stars with Planets and KOI" (#303)

Karla Peña Ramírez, María Rosa Zapatero Osorio, Victor Béjar (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) - "Status of known T-type objects towards the Sigma Orionis cluster." (#304)

Volker Perdelwitz (Hamburg Observatory) - "Multi-wavelength analysis of short period eclipsing M-dwarf binaries" (#305)

Víctor Pereira Blanco (Complutense University of Madrid) - "A study of non-thermal emission from RSG passing through the ISM during different life stages" (#306)

Tiffany D. Pewett (Georgia State University) - "Understanding the Wide Main Sequence Through Our Low Mass Neighbors" (#307)

Ignazio Pillitteri (INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo) - "The activity of stars hosting hot Jupiters" (#308)

J. Sebastian Pineda (Caltech) - "A Survey of Auroral Emission from Ultracool Dwarfs" (#309)

Katja Poppenhaeger (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) - "A tale of two exoplanets: X-ray studies of the Hot Jupiters HD 189733 b and CoRoT-2 b" (#310)

Lisa Prato (Lowell Observatory) - "Masses, Mass Ratios, Models: the Utility of Young Spectroscopic Binaries" (#311)

David Principe (Rochester Institute of Technology) - "Magnetic Activity and Accretion in Three Nearby, Nearly Edge-on Pre-MS Star-disk Systems" (#312)

Andreas Quirrenbach (Landessternwarte Heidelberg) - "CARMENES" (#313)

Jacqueline Radigan (STScI) - "As the Dust Settles: continuous monitoring of L/T transition brown dwarfs with Spitzer" (#314)

Abhijith Rajan (Arizona State University) - "Characterizing the Coolest Atmospheres: Exoplanets to Brown Dwarfs " (#315)

Fabio Reale (University of Palermo, Italy) - "The Sun as a template of accretion impacts on young stars" (#316)

Luisa Rebull (Caltech) - "YSOVAR: Young Stellar Variability on 6-7 Year Timescales" (#317)

Basmah Riaz (Uni. of Hertfordshire, UK) - "Proto-brown dwarfs identified with WISE and JCMT" (#318)

Luca Ricci (Caltech) - "Accretion disks around Brown Dwarfs and Very Low Mass stars: the ALMA view" (#319)

Emily Rice (College of Staten Island, CUNY) - "Spectral & Photometric Analysis of Blue and Red L Dwarfs" (#320)

Andrew Riddle (University of Texas at Austin) - "Precise Masses of Low-Mass Eclipsing Binaries" (#321)

Adric Riedel (CUNY-Hunter College) - "The Triumphs and Perils of Young Star Kinematics" (#322)

Paul B. Rimmer (University of St Andrews) - "Cloud Formation, Quenching and Chemistry in Electrified Brown Dwarf Atmospheres" (#323)

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