Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Chris Tinney (UNSW)

Title:  The FunnelWeb Survey of the Southern Sky

The FunnelWeb survey will employ a revolutionary new spectrograph on the UK Schmidt Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory to carry out a spectroscopic survey over a 3 year period of *every* southern star down to I=12, and every candidate M-dwarf down to I=14. This survey is enabled by the ability of the Starbug-fed TAIPAN spectrograph to reposition its 150 fibres in under 5 minutes, making the creation of a digital update to the HD Catalog possible for the first time in half a century. FunnelWeb will produce a publicly available database that will allow spectral characterisation of every TESS input catalogue star, as well as identifying tens of thousands of new stars younger than 100My old suitable for use as targets for next-generarion exoplanet imagers.