The slightly less rough "beta-01" version proceedings is now available (essentially the poster abstracts).  It has an actual pair of submission thus far, and now some event photos.  Reminder: you too can contribute pictures!  (See below)

The final version (posted after the deadline listed below) will be listed in the NASA ADS.

For preparation of your proceedings, please use one of two template files:

  • For compiling with PDFLaTeX (preferred), use the template & associated files found in this archive (ZIP or tar.gz).
  • For compiling with LaTeX, use the template & associated files found in this archive (ZIP or tar.gz).
  • Guidelines for proceedings submissions:

  • Email an archive file (ZIP or tar.gz) to with your TeX file and any associated files (eg. EPS, JPG images)
  • If your TeX file does not compile, please fix before sending.
  • There is no page length.
  • The deadline for submissions will be August 8th, 2014

    If you would like to submit photos with captions, use the PDFLaTeX template & associated files found in this archive (ZIP or tar.gz).  All contributions will be accepted and included in the e-version of the book; those deemed to be in poor taste will be discarded.

    Special note: indexing.  If you would like to have specific terms in your contributed included in the index, use the \index command in your LaTeX file.  For example, the remark:

    The technique of gyrochronology uses ...

    simply becomes

    The technique of gyrochronology\index{gyrochronology} uses ...

    The editors of the proceedings will examine submissions and add \index commands as appropriate as well, but if there were specific entries you wished to have included, please take the initiative to call those out yourself.




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