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Pages Author(s) Title
4-24 A.J. Burgasser et al. Splinter Session on Cool Cloudy Atmospheres: Theory and Observations
25-38 H. M. G\"unther et al. Upgrading the Solar-Stellar Connection: News about activity in Cool Stars
39-58 B. Rojas-Ayala et al. Portraying the Hosts: Stellar Science From Planet Searches
59-64 J.-D. do Nascimento Jr. et al. A New Light on the Relation Between Rotation Periods and Cycle Lengths of Stellar Activity
65-79 A.~A.~Vidotto et al. Cool Stars and Space Weather
80-104 A.W. Mann et al. Touchstone Stars: Highlights from the Cool Stars 18 Splinter Session
105-112 N. \'O Riain et al. $\zeta$ Aurigae: Periodic Photoexcited Si I Emission
113-120 R. Patel et al. Finding Warm Debris Disks with $WISE$ Around Bright Stars
121-124 V. Perdelwitz et al. A Multi-wavelength Study of the Close M-dwarf Eclipsing Binary System BX Tri
125-130 S. H. Saar et al. A First Look at Differential Rotation in Kepler Open Clusters NGC 6811 (1 Gyr) and NGC 6819 (2.5 Gyr)
131-136 J.M. Saken et al. The Young Solar Analogs Project - Observations \& Analysis
137-148 J. Tottle et al. A Bayesian Analysis of Class II M-type SEDs in Cha I
149-154 F.M. Walter Sub-Stellar Mass Objects in Orion OB1b
155-158 K.E. Young \& C.H.Young Cool Star Beginnings: YSOs in the Perseus Molecular Cloud
159-164 S. Daemgen et al. Revising Circumstellar Disk Evolution -- How Binaries Change the Picture
165-170 C. L. Davies et al. Observations of Accretion Disc-regulated Stellar Angular Momentum Evolution in Fully Convective Pre-main Sequence Stars
171-176 G.A. Feiden et al. Updating the Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Model Grid: Pre-main-sequence Models \& Magnetic Fields
177-182 C. Garraffo et al. Magnetic Modulation of Stellar Angular Momentum Loss
183-192 R.O. Gray et al. The Young Solar Analogs Project
193-198 S. L\'epine et al. Spectroscopic Distances and Kinematics of Local Field M Dwarfs and M Subdwarfs
199-202 R. Bonito et al. Accretion Shocks in Young Stars: the Role of Local Absorption on the X-ray Emission
203-208 Alexander Brown et al. X-ray Emission from Young Stars in the TW Hya Association
209-216 B. D. Carter et al. Zeeman Doppler Imaging of the Surface Activity and Magnetic Fields of Young Solar-Type Stars
217-224 Ph. Gondoin The Transition Between X-ray Emission Regimes in the M34 Open Cluster
225-230 Ph. Gondoin Lithium Abundance and Rotation in the Pleiades and M34 Open Clusters
231-236 H. M. G\"unther et al. HST FUV monitoring of TW Hya
237-242 R. K\"ohler \& H. Hiss Dynamical Masses of Pre-Main-Sequence Binary Systems
243-248 J. L\'opez-Santiago et al. The Extension of the Corona in Classical T Tauri Stars
249-252 D.R. Rodriguez et al. New Results from the GALEX Nearby Young-Star Survey
253-256 C. Rodr\'iguez-L\'opez et al. M Dwarfs Search for Pulsations and Flare Studies Within Kepler GO Program
257-268 V.S. Airapetian et al. Magnetic Interaction of a Super-CME with the Earth's Magnetosphere: Scenario for Young Earth
269-286 V. S. Airapetian et al. Toward A Self Consistent MHD Model of Chromospheres and Winds From Late Type Evolved Stars
287-306 V.S. Airapetian \& J. Allred Forward Modeling of Synthetic EUV/SXR Emission from Solar Coronal Active Regions: Case of AR 11117
307-312 C.J.\ Corbally et al. Short-term Activity in Young Solar Analogs
313-320 Joel H. Kastner et al. V4046 Sgr: Touchstone to Investigate Spectral Type Discrepancies for Pre-main Sequence Stars
321-326 Ku\v{c}inskas, Dobrovolskas \& Bonifacio Cool Stars as Tracers of Multiple Stellar Populations in the Galactic Globular Cluster 47 Tuc
327-336 Ku\v{c}inskas, Dobrovolskas, Bonifacio, et al. Oxygen in the Early Galaxy: OH Lines as Tracers of Oxygen Abundance in Extremely Metal-Poor Giant Stars
337-350 D.~Huber Asteroseismology of Cool Stars
351-358 J.E. Gizis The Nature of Variability in Early L Dwarfs
359-364 S.~J.~Wolk et al. Infrared Variability in Young Stars
365-372 S. Mathur et al. Dynamo Modeling of the Kepler F Star KIC 12009504
373-376 T. Matsakos 3D Modelling of Magnetized Star-planet Interactions: Cometary-type Tails and In-spiraling Flows
377-380 R.M.\ Roettenbacher et al. Investigating the Flare Activity of the Spotted Kepler Star KIC~5110407
381-388 V. See et al. Modelling Exoplanetary Radio Emissions Using a Realistic Magnetic Field Geometry
389-394 U. Wolter et al. Studying Kepler Superflare Stars
395-398 Rakesh K. Yadav et al. Spontaneous Formation of Cool Polar Spots in Global Dynamo Simulations
399-404 J.R.A. Davenport et al. Using Transiting Planets to Model Starspot Evolution
405-412 C.M. Guerra Olvera et al. Reproduction of the Wilson-Bappu Effect Using PHOENIX
413-418 H.C. Harris, et al. Astrometric Orbits and Masses for Three Low-Mass Binaries
419-428 V. Holzwarth \& S.G. Gregory Joint Magnetospheres of Star-planet Systems
429-434 P. Ioannidis \& J.H.M.M. Schmitt Monitoring the Behavior of Star Spots Using Photometric Data
435-440 Marcin Kiraga et al. Rotation Period - X-ray Activity Relations Based on ASAS and ROSAT Data
441-444 O. Kuzmychov et al. Magnetic Field on Brown Dwarf LSR J18353790+3259545
445-450 C. Argiroffi et al. Activity-rotation relation in the young cluster h Per
451-466 K.Augustson et al. Convective Dynamo Simulation with a Grand Minimum
467-474 B. Beeck et al. MHD Simulations of Near-Surface Convection in Cool Main-Sequence Stars
475-482 D. Cao et al. Magnetic Activities in Outer Atmosphere of the RS CVn-type Binary SZ Psc
483-488 C. Doughty et al. Monitoring the Variability of Newly-discovered Symbiotic Stars
489-494 S. Deheuvels et al. Calibrating Core Overshooting in Low-Mass Stars with \textit{Kepler} Data
495-500 M. Giampapa et al. Line Bisector Variability in the Sun as a Star
501-508 A.N. Heinze \& S. Metchev Wild Weather: Brown Dwarfs with Dynamic, Rapidly Changing Clouds
509-516 V. Holzwarth \& S.G. Gregory Potential Magnetic Field Extrapolation in Binary Star Systems
517-526 D.P. Huenemoerder et al. Probing Rotational Dynamo Extremes: X-ray and Optical Spectroscopy of the 0.5 Day Period Eclipsing Binary, HD~79826
527-534 Jardine, M. et al. The Long and the Short of it: Timescales for Stellar Activity
535-540 Manfred K\"uker Meridional Flow, Differential Rotation, and the Solar Dynamo
541-548 A.-L. Lesage \& G. Wiedemann Determining the Stellar Spin Axis Orientation
549-554 M. Mittag et al. First Results of the TIGRE Chromospheric Activity Survey
555-560 Monin, J.-L. et al. Molecular Outflows Driven by Young Brown Dwarfs And VLMs. New Clues from IRAM Interferometer Observations
561-566 K.-P. Schr\"oder et al. Solar Cycle 24 UV Radiation: Lowest in more than 6 Decades
567-574 H.M. Cegla et al. Understanding Astrophysical Noise from Stellar Surface Magneto-Convection
575-582 D.C. Bardalez Gagliuffi et al. Bridging the Gap on Tight Separation Brown Dwarf Binaries
583-588 Pillitteri et al. The (Phased?) Activity of Stars Hosting Hot Jupiters
589-602 A. Strugarek et al. Numerical Aspects of 3D Stellar Winds
603-608 N. R. Hinkel Variation in the Composition of Cool Stars
609-618 Cezary Ga{\l}an et al. Chemical Abundance Analysis of the Symbiotic Red Giants
619-624 S. Lindgren \& U. Heiter Metallicity Determination of M Dwarfs from High-resolution IR Spectra
625-634 E.C. Martin et al. Preliminary Analysis of M and L Dwarf Surface Gravities in the NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey
635-650 E. Manjavacas et al. X-Shooter Medium Resolution Brown Dwarfs Library
651-664 D. Montes et al. Preparation of the CARMENES Input Catalogue: Mining Public Archives for Stellar Parameters and Spectra of M Dwarfs with Master Thesis Students
665-672 H.V. \c{S}enavc{\i} et al. The Surface Brightness Contribution of II Peg: A Comparison of TiO Band Analysis and Doppler Imaging
673-682 J.K. Carlberg et al. Lithium Inventory of 2 \msun\ Red Clump Stars: Is Li Created During the He Flash?
683-688 M.K. Alam et al. Photometric and Spectral Analysis of Blue and Red L Dwarfs
689-692 A. Berkner et al. 3D Multi-Level Non-LTE Radiative Transfer for the CO Molecule
693-704 L. Bertello et al. Solar Cycle Dependency of Sun-as-a-Star Photospheric Spectral Line Profiles
705-712 K. Gullikson et al. Hot Stars With Cool Companions
713-722 F.C. Adams \& J.E. Owen Magnetically Controlled Mass Loss from Exoplanets
723-732 Z.M. Berdi\~nas The Cool Tiny Beats Project - A High-cadence HARPS Survey Searching for Short-period Planets, Pulsations and Activity Signatures in M stars
733-738 K.\ Poppenhaeger A Tale of Two Exoplanets: the Inflated Atmospheres of the Hot Jupiters HD~189733~b and CoRoT-2~b
739-742 A. Uribe Atmospheric Outflows from Hot Jupiters: 2D MHD Simulations
743-748 L. Ghezzi et al. On the Spectroscopic Properties of the Retired A Star HD~185351
749-758 K.~G.~He\l miniak et al. SEEDS -- Direct Imaging Survey for Exoplanets and Disks
759-766 L. Hillenbrand et al. Empirical Limits on Radial Velocity - Planet Detection for Young Stars
767-772 J.M. Irwin et al. The MEarth-North and MEarth-South Transit Surveys: Searching for Habitable Super-Earth Exoplanets Around Nearby M-dwarfs
773-778 N.M. Kostogryz et al. Transit Polarimetry of Exoplanetary System HD~189733
779-782 T. Krej\v{c}ov\'a et al. Exoplanetary System HD~189733 - Chromosphere, Transit, Activity
783-788 S.M. Lawler et al. The Disk and Planets of Solar Analogue $\tau$~Ceti
789-795 V. Zh. Adibekyan et al. Stars with and without planets: Where do they come from?
796-804 F.J. Alonso-Floriano et al. Preparation of the CARMENES Input Catalogue: Low- and High-resolution Spectroscopy of M dwarfs
805-810 M. Cort\'es Contreras et al. Preparation of the CARMENES Input Catalogue: Multiplicity of M dwarfs from Tenths of Arcseconds to Hundreds of Arcminutes
811-830 A.F. Lanza Star-Planet Interactions
831-838 J.L. Linsky et al. Predicting the Extreme-UV and Lyman-$\alpha$ Fluxes Received by Exoplanets from their Host Stars
839-844 K. von Braun et al. Characterizing the Parents: Exoplanets Around Cool Stars
845-852 M. Cuntz \& R. Bruntz {\tt BinHab:}~A Numerical Tool for the Calculation of S/P-Type Habitable Zones in Binary Systems
853-868 D. Dravins et al. Stellar Spectroscopy During Exoplanet Transits: Dissecting Fine Structure Across Stellar Surfaces
869-878 P.C.~Schmidtke Angular Diameters of $\alpha$ Scorpii and $\lambda$ Aquarii
879-886 J.E. Neff et al. Automated Variability Classification and Constant Stars in the Kepler Database
887-896 A. Pevtsov et al. SOLIS: Reconciling Disk-integrated and Disk-resolved Spectra from the Sun
897-906 A. Quirrenbach et al. Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Verification of CARMENES and Preparation of its Input Catalogue
907-912 R.M.\ Roettenbacher et al. Pushing the (Convective) Envelope: Imaging Spotted Stellar Surfaces with Optical Interferometry
913-918 L.~Ros\'{e}n et al. Zeeman Doppler Imaging of a Cool Star Using Line Profiles in All Four Stokes Parameters for the First Time
919-928 J.E. Schlieder et al. The \emph{CASTOFFS} Survey: High Resolution Optical Spectroscopy of Bright Targets
929-932 R. Smiljanic Gaia-ESO Survey: the First Release from the Analysis of UVES Spectra of FGK-type Stars
933-944 A. Tritschler et al. DKIST: Observing the Sun at High Resolution
945-952 F.J. Vrba et al. Improved Parallaxes and Near-Infrared Photometry of L- and T-Dwarfs From the U.S. Naval Observatory Infrared Astrometry Program
953-958 K. Ward-Duong et al. The M-dwarfs in Multiples (MinMs) Survey - Stellar Multiplicity within 15 pc
959-966 C.C. Dahn \& H.C. Harris Preliminary Parallaxes for Cool Subdwarfs
967-974 C.L. Davison et al. New Projected Rotational Velocity Measurements for 65 Mid M-Dwarfs
975-996 J. Gagn\'e et al. Results from BASS, the BANYAN All-Sky Survey
997-1012 G.N. Mace Investigating Brown Dwarf Variability at 3.4 \& 4.6$\mu$m with AllWISE Multi-Epoch Photometry
1013-1018 F.C. Fekel et al. Progress Report on New Spectroscopic Orbits of Potential Interferometric Binaries
1019-1026 V. Joergens et al. The Coolest `Stars' are Free-Floating Planets
1027-1032 Daniela Opitz et al. Searching for Binary Y dwarfs with the Gemini GeMS Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics System
1033-1040 J.P. Subasavage et al. UCAC4 Nearby Star Survey: A Search for Our Stellar Neighbors
1041-1054 K.G. Carpenter et al. The HST Treasury ``Advanced Spectral Library'' (ASTRAL) Programs
1055-1064 F.A. Bastien Convection in Cool Stars, as Seen Through {\it Kepler}'s Eyes
1065-1074 K. Pe\~na Ram\'irez et al. Status of known T type sources towards the $\sigma$ Orionis cluster