Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Alexander Shapiro (PMOD/WRC)

Title:  Modelling the observed photometric trends in Sun-like stars variability

The Sun and stars with low magnetic activity levels become photometrically brighter when their activity increases. Magnetically more active stars display the opposite behavior and get fainter when their activity increases. We reproduce this phenomenon with a model that attributes the variability of the stellar radiative energy flux to the imbalance between the contributions from dark starspots and bright faculae. Our approach is based on the assumption that the solar paradigm is also valid for Sun-like stars, i.e. we can describe stellar variability by extrapolating from solar activity and brightness variations. The general success of the model in reproducing the behavior of Sun-like stars is a clear indication that the photometric variability of more active stars has the same basic causes as the Sunís.†