Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Miriam Cortés Contreras (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Title:  Preparation of the CARMENES input catalogue. Multiplicity of M dwarfs from tenths of arcseconds to hundreds of arcminutes

With the help of CARMENCITA, the CARMENES Cool dwarf Information and daTa Archive, we investigate the membership in double, triple or higher-order multiplicity systems of M dwarfs in the solar neighbourhood observable from Calar Alto in order to prepare and characterize the final sample of stars of CARMENES. Our multiplicity study covers a wide range in projected physical separations, from 0.5 to 55000 AU. The inner range is covered with a lucky-imaging survey of over 600 M dwarfs with FastCam at the 1.5 m Telescopio Carlos Sánchez, complemented with a literature survey. Visual or physical companions within arcseconds to our targets may induce spurious variations in the radial velocity of the primary and mimic the presence of planets. The outer range is covered with a detailed analysis of Washington Double Stars catalogue data and optical images taken by us with TCP and CAMELOT at the 0.8 m IAC80 telescope, accompanied in doubtful cases with an astrometric study with public images and all-sky catalogues. The global picture of multiplicity of M dwarfs, at all physical separations and mass ratios, will appear in all its glory.