Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Kaspar von Braun (MPIA)

Title:  Characterizing the Parents: Exoplanets Around Cool Stars

The large majority of stars in the Milky Way are late-type dwarfs, and the frequency of especially low-mass exoplanets in orbits around these late-type dwarfs appears to be high. In order to characterize the radiation environments and habitable zones of the cool exoplanet host stars, stellar radius and effective temperature, and thus luminosity, are required. It is in the stellar low-mass regime, however, that the predictive power of stellar models is often limited by sparse data quantity with which to calibrate the methods. We show results from our CHARA survey that provides directly determined stellar parameters based on interferometric diameter measurements, trigonometric parallax, and spectral energy fitting. In particular, we focus on empirical stellar diameters and effective temperatures of a few exoplanet systems around cool stars.