Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Bárbara Rojas-Ayala (CAUP)

Title:  M dwarfs in the b201 tile of the VVV survey

The intrinsically faint M dwarfs are the most numerous stars in the Galaxy, have main-sequence lifetimes longer than the Hubble time, and host some of the most interesting planetary systems known to date. Their identification and classification throughout the Galaxy is crucial to unravel the processes involved in the formation of planets, stars and the Milky Way. The ESO Public Survey VISTA Variables in the Vi´a La´ctea is a deep near-IR survey mapping the Galactic bulge and southern plane. The VVV b201 tile, located in the border of the bulge, was specifically selected for the characterisation of M dwarfs. We identified 23,345 objects in VVV b201 with colours consistent with M dwarf stars. We provided M spectral types (modulo 1 subtype) and expected distances from photometry for all M dwarf candidates. In the range 12