Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Savita Mathur (Space Science Institute)

Title:  Dynamo modeling of the Kepler F star KIC 12009504

The Kepler mission has collected light curves for almost 4 years. The excellent quality of these data has allowed us to probe the structure and the dynamics of the stars using asteroseismology. With the length of data available, we can start to look for magnetic activity cycles. The F star, KIC 12009504, shows a rotation period of 10.5 days and some variability that can be due to the magnetic activity of the star. Here we present recent and preliminary 3D global-scale dynamo simulations of this star with the ASH code, capturing a substantial portion of the convection and the stable radiation zone bellow it. These simulations reveal a multi-year activity cycle that appears to depend upon the width of the tachocline present in the simulation. Furthermore, the presence of a magnetic field and the dynamo action taking place in the convection zone appears to help confine the tachocline.