Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Krzysztof Helminiak (Subaru Telescope; NCAC Torun)

Title:  SEEDS - direct imaging survey for exoplanets

High-contrast direct imaging observations enable the discovery and characterization of exoplanets on wide orbits from their host stars, whose detections are impractical with indirect methods. The SEEDS campaign, which is currently in its fourth year, aims at directly imaging and characterizing giant exoplanets with the Subaru 8-m telescope. The total SEEDS sample will reach 500 targets selected from the solar neighborhood, moving groups, open clusters and star-forming regions. SEEDS also surveys exoplanets in planetary systems with debris discs. The sample adequately covers stellar ages ranging from 1 Myr to a few Gyr. SEEDS has detected new sub-stellar companions, including planets with properties that have not been known, unique compared with the previously directly imaged planets. These include a several-Jupiter-mass planet orbiting a nearby Sun-like star GJ504. High-contrast imaging by SEEDS has also provided better characterizations if the exoplanet systems detected by indirect techniques.