Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Christopher R Gelino (NASA Exoplanet and Science Institute)

Title:  Characterization of WD 0806-661B Using Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescope Photometry

WD 0806-661B, a common proper motion companion to a white dwarf, was discovered by multi-epoch Spitzer observations. The IRAC colors and absolute magnitudes indicate that it is a brown dwarf approximately as cold as the >=Y2 dwarf WISE 1828+2650, the coldest spectroscopically confirmed brown dwarf (Teff ~300K). We have obtained multi-wavelength HST WFC3/IR observations to characterize this object over a broad spectral regime. In this poster we present these data and, in conjunction with the Spitzer data, compare WD 0806-661B with late-type T dwarfs and Y dwarfs.