Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Javier Lopez-Santiago (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Title:  The extension of the corona in classical T Tauri stars

The extension of the corona of classical T Tauri stars (CTTS) is under discussion in the Astrophysical community. The standard model of magnetic configuration of CTTS predicts that coronal magnetic flux tubes connect the stellar atmosphere to the inner region of the disk. Gas accretion from the disk by the star takes place along those magnetic tubes. Flaring events have been detected in CTTS. The weakest flares are assumed to have their origin in solar-like magnetic loops. However, strong, long-duration flares may be related to those long structures connecting the star and the disk. Such scenario is supported by some past result obtained from the use of hydrodynamic models in which the authors assumed those strong flares take place in single or small groups of loops. This assumption is slightly controversial and many authors are in disagreement with it. To disentangle this controversy, new independent measurements of the loop length are needed. We present a new approach for determining the length of flaring loops based on the oscillating nature of the loops after strong flares.