Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Miguel Angel Lopez-Garcia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Title:  Multi-wavelength study of the young stellar population of the Orion B molecular cloud

Multi-wavelength surveys are the key to explore the mechanisms of star formation. We focused on the Orion B region, a multicore star forming region with more than 1000 young stellar objects in different stages of formation. We are carrying out a multi-wavelength study for a significant part of the Orion B molecular cloud, based on 9 XMM-Newton archival observations, infrared (Spitzer, WISE, and 2MASS) and Optical (XMM Optical Monitor and UCAC4) photometry data. This work is focused on the classification and characterization of young stellar objects and the inhomogeneity along the cloud. After filtering for the background sources, we classify the sample into 332 Classes III, 141 Classes II and 11 Classes 0/I and a dozen of brown dwarf candidates based on their infrared/optical properties. We explore the differences along the cloud and the stellar population distribution. We find 5 different regions where Class 0/I and Class II objects are located, coincident with the centre of NGC2023, NGC2024, NGC2068, NGC2071 and around V1647-Ori. In addition, we are currently carrying out an optical follow-up of the BD candidates.