Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Vardan Adibekyan (Centro de Astrofísica, Universidade do Porto (CAUP))

Title:  On the origin of stars with and without planets. Tc trends and clues to Galactic evolution

We explore a sample of 148 solar-like stars to search for a possible correlation between the slopes of the abundance trends versus condensation temperature, Tc slope, with stellar parameters and Galactic orbital parameters in order to understand the nature of the peculiar chemical signatures of these stars and the possible connection with planet formation. We find that the Tc slope significantly correlates with the stellar age and the stellar surface gravity. We also find some evidence that the Tc slope correlates with the mean galactocentric distance of the stars, indicating that stars originated in the inner Galaxy have less refractory elements relative to the volatiles. While the average Tc slope for planet-hosting solar analogs is larger than that of their counterparts without planets, this difference probably reflects the difference in their age and Rmean. We conclude that the age and probably the Galactic birth place are determinant for their chemical structure.