Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Sandra Jeffers (IAG, Goettingen)

Title:  Preparation of the CARMENES input catalogue. High-resolution spectroscopy of M dwarfs

CARMENES is the next generation of planet hunting instruments that will focus on detecting planets around M dwarfs. In preparation for this survey we will obtain high-resolution (R = 30,000-48,000) observations of ~500 M dwarfs to carefully select the most promising targets to ensure the highest chance of success. Our aim is to remove single- and double-line spectroscopic binaries and, especially, fast rotators from the sample. Here we present the preliminary results of our observations which comprise data from FEROS at ESO/MPG 2.2m La Silla, CAFE at 2.2m Calar Alto and HRS at Hobby Eberly Telescope.