Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Masashi Omiya (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Title:  Subaru IRD-Doppler survey: A search for Earth-like planets orbiting late-M dwarfs

Late-M dwarfs are attractive targets to detect Earth-mass planets in habitable zone because of the low-mass host stars and their close-in habitable zones. The InfraRed Doppler instrument (IRD) to be mounted on the Subaru telescope in 2015 is composed of a stable near-infrared high dispersion echelle-spectrograph (R=70000) and a laser-frequency comb as a precise wavelength calibrator covering the wavelength range of 0.97-1.75 micron. Using IRD on the Subaru 8.2 meter telescope, we are proposing to conduct a Doppler (radial velocity) survey of more than 100 late-M dwarfs to search for Earth-like planets around low-mass stars. We have performed a detailed survey simulation and selection of appropriate target stars for this survey. In this poster, we present our survey strategy and discuss expected detectable planets with our IRD-Doppler survey.