Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Rachael Roettenbacher (University of Michigan)

Title:  Investigating the flare activity of the spotted Kepler star KIC 5110407

With four years of precise, nearly-continuous photometry from the Kepler satellite, we used a light-curve inversion algorithm to reconstruct the stellar surface of KIC 5110407, a rapidly-rotating, spotted star. While the evolving starspots showed no indication of periodicity, the flares serendipitously observed in the light curve of KIC 5110407 showed potential evidence for an activity cycle. Additionally, the full sample of detected flares does not show a correlation with the location of starspots; however, we found a possible connection for the strongest flares occurring when the largest starspot groups faced Kepler. With the analysis of our complete data set and archival Kepler data, we further investigate individual systems for periodic flare activity and correlations to starspot location.