Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Julio Chaname (Universidad Catolica de Chile)

Title:  New Age-Rotation Constraints at Old Ages from Wide Binaries

Independent age-rotation measurements for solar-type stars at old, several-Gyr ages are almost non-existent. They are however urgently needed to inform models of angular momentum evolution, as well as for the calibration of gyrochronology relations useful for a wide variety of topics, from the evolution of planetary systems to the genesis of the Milky Way itself. Here we present some of the first such constraints after the Sun, obtained by our program targeting wide binary systems hosting an evolved star plus a main sequence companion. The new constraints span ages from 2 to 7 Gyr, and have been obtained via standard photometric and spectroscopic techniques. We also present results of an asteroseismic pilot study that uses the MOST satellite for expanding on these goals.