Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Sandra Jeffers (Goettingen University)

Title:  Detecting planets around enigmatic stars

Astrophysical noise in late-type stars can be either predictable or stochastic and covers several orders of magnitude. It can be viewed as either a facet of the intricate nature of stars, or a nuisance parameter that precludes the study of weak planetary signals. In this talk I will present our latest results in understanding how such stellar variability can impact the detection of planets around young active stars by simulating planetary systems and using common planet hunting algorithims to realistically asscess the detection limits. We find that Jupiter-mass planets can be detected close-in around fast-rotating young active stars, Neptune-mass planets around moderate rotators and that Super-Earths are only detectable around very slowly rotating stars. I will also present our latest results in removing this stellar activity directly from the radial velocity profiles using a modified version of Doppler Imaging.