Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Ji Wang (Yale University)

Title:  Hot Jupiters in Close Binaries: A Kepler Story

We will present our results in searching for hot Jupiters in close-in binaries with separations smaller than 100 AU in the Kepler and K2 field of view (FOV). It is known that planet formation is affected in binaries with separations smaller than ~300 AU, but the extent of the influence is unclear. A direct search for plants in binaries will address this issue straightforwardly. However, direct surveys using the radial velocity technique suffered severe flux contamination, and are not very efficient. Kepler and its extended mission provides a big FOV and an unprecedented precision. 80 close binaries are within the FOV of the main mission and 220 are within the K2 mission K0 field. We will discuss our searching results, incompleteness simulation, and their implications to the occurrence rate of hot Jupiters in close binaries.