Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Kendra Kellogg (Western University)

Title:  New Brown Dwarf Companion to a Young, Low Mass Star

Studying substellar and planetary-mass companions to young stars is important in determining stellar system formation mechanisms as well as providing a basis for understanding extra-solar planet characteristics. We present evidence for a young, brown dwarf companion to the Upper Scorpius member, ScoPMS 214. This object was previously rejected as being a companion to ScoPMS 214 based on its comparison to model isochrones. With additional spectra, we have obtained a new estimation of the age of the candidate companion (~ 10Myr) which is consistent with being a member of the Upper Scorpius association. The spectra also show strong indications of youth. These pieces of evidence, along with the common proper motion, allow us to confirm that ScoPMS 214 'B' is a brown dwarf companion to ScoPMS 214 in the young Upper Scorpius association.