Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Kyle McCarthy (University of Kentucky)

Title:  Characterizing the AB Doradus and Octans-Near Moving Groups via High Resolution Spectroscopy and Kinematic Traceback

We present a detailed analysis of 10 proposed F and G members of the nearby, young moving group AB Doradus (ABD) and 5 proposed Octans-Near moving group stars. Our sample was obtained using the 2.7m telescope at the McDonald Observatory with the coude echelle spectrograph, achieving R ~ 60,000 and S/N ~ 200. We derive spectroscopic Teff, log(g), [Fe/H], and microturbulance (vt) using a bootstrap method of the TGVIT software resulting in typical errors of 33K in T$_{eff}$, 0.08 dex in log(g), 0.03 dex in [Fe/H], and 0.13 km/s in vt. Characterization of the groups is performed in three ways: (1) Chemical homogeneity, (2) Kinematic Traceback, and (3) Isochrone fitting. In our sample of 10 ABD stars, we identify 1 star which is a probable non-member, 3 enigmatic stars, and 6 stars with confirmed membership. We also present a list of chemically coherent stars from this study and the Barenfeld et al. (2013) study. In the 5 Octans-Near stars, we identify 2 probable non-members and 3 probable members.