20 May 2014
A forest fire in the Flagstaff area, known as 'The Slide Fire' (named due to its initial proximity to Slide Rock State Park) has been burning for over the past week and will continue to do so for up to the next two weeks. The City of Flagstaff is under no threat from this fire.

However, air quality is periodically being affected when the city is downwind from The Slide Fire. Updates are being posted on the US government InciWeb site.

10 March 2014
We have confirmed Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz (Princeton University) as our public lecturer for the night of Wednesday, June 11th.

4 March 2014
Proposals to host Cool Stars 19 are now being accepted.

31 January 2014
Early registration is now open.  Included with this is the opportunity to purchase tour tickets for Wednesday afternoon of the meeting week, along with guest tickets for the Thursday night banquet.  Student registration fee reduction may also now be requested.

31 January 2014
Splinter session selections have been announced.

27 January 2014
Abstract submission is now open for posters & contributed talks.

24 January 2014
Splinter session proposals were reviewed; decisions will be announced next week.

13 December 2013
Splinter session proposals are due!

14 October 2013
The SOC for CS18 has been finalized.

20 August 2013
The first round of names for the SOC are posted.

31 July 2013
The CafePress online store of CS18 swag is now online.

15 July 2013
Updated web site put online for CS18.

29 June 2012
At Cool Stars 17, Flagstaff is announced as the next venue for Cool Stars!