Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  D. Montes (UCM, Madrid)

Title:  Preparation of the CARMENES input catalogue. Mining public archives for stellar parameters and spectra of M dwarfs with with master thesis students

We are compiling the most comprehensive database of M dwarfs ever built, CARMENCITA, the CARMENES Cool dwarf Information and daTa Archive, which will be the CARMENES 'input catalogue'. In addition to the science preparation with low- and high-resolution spectrographs and lucky imagers (see the other posters at Cool Stars 18), we compile a huge pile of public data on thousands of M dwarfs, and anlyze them. Here we describe four specific actions carried out by master students on. They mine public archives for additional high-resolution spectroscopy (UVES, HARPS and FEROS), multi-band photometry (FUV-NUV-u-B-g-V-r-R-i-J-H-Ks-W1-W2-W3-W4), X-ray data (ROSAT, XMM-Newton and Chandra), and periods, rotational velocities and Halpha pseudo-equivalent widths. As described, there are many interdependences between all these data.