Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Regner Trampedach (Stellar Astrophysics Centre, Aarhus Univ./JILA Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)

Title:  The mixing-length and T(\tau) relations from a grid of 3D convection simulations

Cool stars are endowed with convective envelopes, determining the structure of a significant fraction of the star, and extending across the photosphere that we observe. I have therefore built a grid of 3D simulations of convective atmospheres, that include realistic radiative transfer and atomic physics, for use in theoretical modeling, as well as interpretations of "classic", as well as seismic observations (Trampedach et al. 2013). I present a calibration of the free parameter, \alpha, of the mixing-length convection formulation by B{\"o}hm-Vitense. This is carried out by matching 1D envelope models to the deep part of the averaged simulations. The procedure also demands the use of T(\tau) relations in the atmospheres of the 1D models, as derived from the 3D simulations. I present a new consistent formulation for the calculation and implementation of such T(\tau) relations. I will present applications to Kepler targets.