Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Hakan Volkan Senavci (Ankara University)

Title:  The Surface Brightness Contribution of II Peg: A Comparison of TiO Band Analysis and Doppler Imaging

We investigate the surface brightness contribution of the very well known active binary II Pegasi, in terms of the starspot filling factor and the spot temperature parameters. In this context, 53 time series spectra of the system taken over 8 nights in September - October of 1996 are used to perform TiO band analysis with a model atmosphere approximation using ATLAS9 and with proxy stars observed with the same instrument (2.1m Otto Struve Telescope equipped with SES at the McDonald Observatory). We also Doppler image our dataset using the appropriate version of DoTS and discuss the comparison of results, in order to better reveal the surface inhomogeneities of the system together with the robustness of both techniques.