Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Volker Perdelwitz (Hamburg Observatory)

Title:  Multi-wavelength analysis of short period eclipsing M-dwarf binaries

Tight eclipsing binaries are ideal laboratories to study orbital evolution by magnetic breaking, stellar evolution and activity on the low-mass end of the main sequence. Until recently there were only two known M-dwarf eclipsing binaries, YY Gem and CM Dra. With the advent of numerous extrasolar planet searches such as DWARF, OGLE, TrES, WASP, NSVS etc., a substantial number of these new eclipsing low-mass binaries have been identi ed. We present the fi rst results of our multi-wavelength investigation into the properties of the eclipsing M-dwarf binary systems known to have the shortest periods, covering photometry and spectroscopy in both the X-ray and optical regime.