Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Pamela Arriagada (DTM, Carnegie Institution of Washington)

Title:  Exploring deconvolution techniques of M-dwarf spectra

Doppler spectroscopy is uniquely able to find terrestrial mass planets and Solar System analogs around the nearest 2,000 stars within 50 pc. Only Doppler programs that can achieve ~1 m/s precision will continue to find terrestrial mass planets in this decade. This work aims to improve the Doppler precision currently obtained with high resolution systems (Keck/HIRES and Magellan/PFS) on nearby late K and early M dwarfs, where one of the main weak spots of the velocity extraction code (Butler et al. 1996) lies in the deconvolution of the template spectra used in the modeling process, due to the lack of continuum these spectra present. A number of different deconvolution techniques that are found in the literature are explored, and their resulting precision are compared against each other.