Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Zaira Modroņo-Berdiņas (IAA-CSIC)

Title:  Cool Tiny Beats Project

Cool Tiny Beats Project (CTB) is an Earth survey designed to observe a sample of M dwarfs with high-resolution and high-cadence. Data obtained with the HARPS and HARPS-N telescopes will try to resolve three fundamental aspects related with nearby M stars and their planetary systems: i) Characterization of compact planetary systems with sub-Earth mass objects, ii) Time-resolved analysis of stellar activity and its Doppler signatures, and iii) detection of pulsations and asteroseismic studies. High precision Doppler measurements are obtained with HARPS-TERRA, a new technique developed by the group which allow to improve the precision on the Radial Velocities determination. The CTB program can provide the first minimum mass determinations of sub-Earth sized objects, dynamical characterization and first population studies of these peculiar systems. Time-resolved stellar activity analyses combined with wavelength dependent Doppler measurements will provide important clues to elucidate the connection between Doppler variability, activity and stellar magnetic fields. Pulsations in M dwarfs have recently been theoretical predicted but none have been yet observed. Such detection will enable the use of asteroseismic techniques on cool stars. Here we present the first CTB program results for the HARPS-N sub-sample.