Conference Hotels

Drury Inn

[Location: on-site]
NOTE: As of 2014-05-05, all rooms of our room block here are reserved.
Individual call-In reservations can be made by reserving online, go to, then enter Group number of 2190142. Reservations may also be made by calling 1-800-325-0720 and referring to the Group number of 2190142.

Embassy Suites

[Location: 0.5 miles west]
NOTE: As of 2014-05-05, all rooms but 6 of our room block here are reserved.
The Flagstaff Embassy Suites has rooms specifically available for Cool Stars 18 with a direct link.

DoubleTree by Hilton

[Location: 1 mile west]
NOTE: As of 2014-04-11, none of the rooms in this block are reserved. 2014-05-12 is the release date for these rooms.
Call 928-773-8888 for reservations.

Little America

[Location: 2 miles east]
Little America has made available a special reservations link for Cool Stars 18.

Additional Lodging

A large number of additional hotels and motels are local to Lowell Observatory and downtown Flagstaff, with properties in greater Flagstaff also available.