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Name/Affiliation:  Jean-Louis Monin (IPAG-Universite de Grenoble)

Title:  Outflows in Young Brown Dwarfs - Clues from new PdBI observations

Young brown dwarfs (BD) play an important role in our understanding of the star and planet formation process, as a link between star and planet. Detailed studies of the circumstellar environment of young BDs can provide critical constraints to their formation mechanisms and therefore are needed to identify the dominant mechanism. In particular if BDs form like stars we expect their accretion and outflow properties to be similar to the ones observed in low mass stars counterparts. Better observations of a significant number of BDs are needed in order to properly understand their accretion/outflow properties and thus to compare to low mass stars and constrain BD formation models. In this paper, we present the results of CO(1-0) observations of 3 accreting BDs with the IRAM interferometer (MHO 5 ; FU Tau ; BD-Tau 6). These BDs are all optically visible and we assume that they are in an evolutionary stage comparable to CTTSs. They are known to be accreting and with evidence of outflow activity primarily in form of Forbidden Emission Lines. We find that at least 2 out of our 3 objects show millimeter outflow activity at the arcsec scale and with velocities of a few km/s. We discuss the implications of these results in term of BD formation models.