Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Gregory Feiden (Uppsala University)

Title:  Updating the Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Model Grid: Pre-Main-Sequence Models & Magnetic Fields

We present the current status of an effort to create an updated grid of low-mass stellar evolution mass tracks and isochrones computed using the Dartmouth stellar evolution code. Emphasis is placed on reliably extending the present grid to the pre-main-sequence, where modeling uncertainties have the greatest impact. Revisions to the original code release include: updated surface boundary conditions, the introduction of deuterium burning, and magnetic fields. The mass track grid contains models with a mass above 0.1 solar masses and metallicities in the range of -0.5 dex to +0.5 dex. Magnetic mass tracks are calculated for surface magnetic field strengths between 0.1 kG and 6.0 kG using two different prescriptions for magneto-convection. Standard and magnetic model isochrones are available for ages older than 1 Myr. Tabulated quantities include the stellar fundamental properties, absolute photometric magnitudes, magnetic field properties, convective turnover times, apsidal motion constants, and lithium abundances. The complete grid of mass tracks and isochrones will be publicly available.