Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  Casey Deen (Max Planck Institut für Astronomie)

Title:  Measuring magnetic fields in young stars

We present Theremin, a MCMC code which measures the fundamental parameters (Teff, log g, K-band veiling, and mean magnetic field strength) of young stellar objects. Theremin compares observed medium resolution (R~10,000) spectra against a grid of synthetic spectra (computed using MoogStokes) which spans a region of parameter space germane to YSOs (2500K < Teff < 6000K, 3.0 < log g < 5.0, 0.0kG < B Field < 4.0 kG). This method promises to be a powerful tool in the study of pre-main sequence stellar evolution. As an example, we show the results of Theremin when applied to the famous TW Hydra.