Poster Abstracts

Name/Affiliation:  David R. Rodriguez (Universidad de Chile)

Title:  New Results from the GALEX Nearby Young-Star Survey

The last few decades have seen the discovery of many 10-100 Myr-old stars in moving groups within 100 parsecs of Earth. The present membership of these groups, however, is still incomplete at the lowest masses. We have initiated a program, the GALEX Nearby Young-Star Survey, or GALNYSS, to search for these missing M-stars. GALNYSS has combined ultraviolet data from GALEX with near-IR surveys (WISE and 2MASS), as well as kinematic information, in order to identify over 2000 candidate young low-mass stars near Earth. Spectroscopic followup is ongoing, and results thus far confirm the youthful nature of many stars among the GALNYSS sample. This suggests that our technique is capable of revealing the populations of low-mass stars that are presently missing from the nearby young moving groups. We present an overview of our survey to date, including the characteristics of the GALNYSS sample and highlights from the latest contributions to our knowledge of the number and membership of nearby, young stellar associations. This work is supported by NASA Astrophysics Data Analysis Program award NNX12AH37G to RIT and UCLA and Chilean FONDECYT grant 3130520 to Universidad de Chile.