DAY ONE: June 9 - Cool Star Formation, Structure and Evolution

Morning : Opening Plenary Session

7:30am Reception open, continental breakfast available at HCCC

8:30am Opening, logistics
8:45am Laurent Gizon (MPS Goettingen) Helioseismology in a stellar context: from SDO to PLATO
9:25am Adam Kraus (UT-Austin) The Fundamental Properties of Cool Stars
10:05am Ruth Angus (University of Oxford) Calibrating Gyrochronology using Kepler Asteroseismic Targets

10:25am Coffee Break
11:10am Daniel Huber (NASA Ames) Asteroseismology of Cool Stars
11:50am Trent Dupuy (University of Texas at Austin) Testing Models of Substellar Evolution with Dynamical Masses
12:10pm Ilaria Pascucci (LPL/U Arizona) The EUV Luminosity from Young Cool Stars: Implications for the Dispersal of Protoplanetary Material

12:30pm Lunch & Poster Session

Afternoon : Splinter Sessions:

Cool Cloudy Atmospheres: Theory and Observations (1899 Ballroom)
Cool Stars and Space Weather (HCCC)
Touchstone Stars: empirically determined parameters of cool stars (Prochnow)

2:00pm Splinters begin
3:30pm Coffee break
4:15pm Splinter second halves
5:30pm End of day