Monday, June 9 - Plenary Session

Name:  Daniel Huber

Affiliation:  NASA Ames Research Center

Title:  Asteroseismology of Cool Stars

The measurement of oscillations excited by surface convection is a powerful method to study the structure and evolution of cool stars. CoRoT and Kepler have initiated a revolution in asteroseismology by detecting oscillations in thousands of stars reaching from the main-sequence to the red-giant branch, including more than one hundred exoplanet host stars. In this talk I will review recent asteroseismic results, focusing in particular on ensemble determinations of fundamental properties (radii, masses and ages) of dwarfs and red giants, and their synergy with photometric and spectroscopic follow-up observations. I will furthermore discuss the impact of asteroseismology on the characterization of exoplanets, including measurements of stellar spin-orbit inclinations and their implications for hot-Jupiter formation theories. Finally, I will give a brief outlook on future prospects for asteroseismic observations of cool stars with ground and space-based facilities.