Monday, June 9 - Plenary Session

Name:  Laurent Gizon

Affiliation:  Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research and University of Goettingen, Germany

Title:  Helioseismology in a stellar context: from SDO to PLATO

Full-disk observations of solar oscillations by the Solar Dynamics Observatory have led to renewed efforts to probe the complex internal dynamics of the solar convection zone. Besides differential rotation, I will review other important dynamo ingredients that are now being inferred by helioseismology, such as meridional circulation, convective motions, or subsurface emerging magnetic flux. Reliable helioseismic inferences will be key to understanding the origin of solar activity. A plausible dynamo model must be accurate enough to satisfy the Sun's constraints and it must be general enough to fit a sample of sufficiently diverse stars. Solar results complement observational advances in stellar physics, including asteroseismic measurements of internal rotation with CoRoT and Kepler. Well-defined relationships between stellar activity and stellar internal properties ought to be revealed by the recently-selected mission PLATO, which will enable the asteroseismology of 85000 cool dwarfs.