DAY THREE: June 11 - Cool Star Abundances

Morning : Plenary Session

7:30am Reception open, continental breakfast available at HCCC

8:30am Opening, logistics
8:40am Natalie R Hinkel (San Francisco State University) Variations in the Composition of Cool Stars
9:00am Michael Line (UCSC) Determination of Temperatures and Abundances in Brown Dwarf Atmospheres
9:20am Andrew West (Boston University) Wide Stellar Binaries and a Photometric (griz) Metallicity Calibration for Cool Stars

9:40am Coffee Break

10:20am The Cool Stars 18 Debate: "The Ins and Outs of Solar Abundances", Martin Asplund (ANU) & Marc Pinsonneault (OSU)

11:40am End of day

Afternoon : Free time

Tours to Grand Canyon, DCT/Anderson Mesa, Sedona, Walnut Canyon

Evening: Public lecture

Lucianne Walkowicz (Princeton), "Kepler and the Exoplanet Revolution"
Sponsored by The Barringer Crater Company