DAY FOUR: June 12 - Cool Stars as Planet Hosts

Morning : Plenary Session

7:30am Reception open, continental breakfast available at HCCC

8:30am Opening, logistics
8:45am Kaitlin Kratter (U. Arizona) Planet (or binary?) Formation Around Cool Stars
9:25am Nuccio Lanza (INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania) Star-Planet Interactions
10:05am Megan Ansdell (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii) The Intrinsic UV Luminosity Distribution of M Dwarf Stars

10:25am Coffee Break
11:10am Guillem Anglada-Escude (Queen Mary University of London) Planetary Systems Around Cool Stars : a Window Towards Characterization of Small Planets
11:50am Antoine Strugarek (Université de Montréal) Close-in Planets and Magnetic Torques: What Impact on Stellar Evolution?
12:10pm James Davenport (University of Washington) Using Transiting Planets to Model Starspot Evolution

12:30pm Lunch & Poster Session

Afternoon : Splinter Sessions:

The accretion process in young stars (1899 Ballroom)
Portraying The Hosts: Stellar Science from Planet Searches (Prochnow)
Upgrading the Solar-Stellar Connection: news about activity in Cool Stars (HCCC)


2:00pm Splinters begin
3:30pm Coffee break
4:15pm Splinter second halves
5:30pm End of day

Evening: Conference Banquet

6:00pm Buses departs HCCC for Arizona Snowbowl
6:40pm Cocktail hour at Snowbowl begins
7:30pm Dinner
10:00pm Buses depart Snowbowl
10:40pm Buses back at HCCC