Proposals to host Cool Stars 19 are now being accepted!

Potential hosts are invited to submit a proposal to the CS18 SOC to hold the next workshop, CS19. Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability. The proposals will be evaluated by the SOC prior to CS18, and you will be asked to make a presentation of your proposal at an SOC meeting during the CS18 workshop. The winning proposal will be announced at the CS18 banquet.

This meeting has certainly grown from the original small group of attendees at CS1, and now attracts about 400 scientists. It has become one of the (if not the) foremost meeting to discuss advances in cool stars. Attendees now expect features such as email access and banquets, in addition to the ever outstanding scientific results. Generally rooms are required for a plenary session, for breakout sessions, and a poster display area that could run to at least 350 posters. A group of dedicated people is needed to produce the Workshop. It has been traditional that the Chair of the SOC comes from the host institution.

Generally funds in excess of the registration fees from the participants are required to aid the attendance of some speakers, young postdocs, and graduate students. Support for the publication and group activities is also usually sought from outside sources. Such funds are obtained from the host institution, national resources, professional societies, and the commercial sector.

Please note that CS19 is slated to be a meeting outside of the United States.

Information on previous Cool Stars meetings is available upon request. See also the list below with links to the websites of the most recent meetings.

To apply, please email a pdf file with answers to the following questions to Gerard van Belle, chair of the CS18 SOC, at

Submissions received by May 15, 2014, will receive first consideration.

  1. Host Institution:
  2. Lead scientist(s):
  3. Name, address, email, fax:
  4. Proposed dates of meeting:
  5. Proposed site of meeting:
  6. Meeting/Facility considerations (Hotel, conference center, observatory?)
  7. Transportation considerations (Airports, public transportation, travel time, ease of access etc.):
  8. Rooming/Hotel considerations (Range of facilities/cost):
  9. Potential sources of financial support in addition to registration fees:
  10. Science themes to be emphasized at CS19:
  11. Previous experience in hosting meetings of this size (either within institution or among lead scientists proposing):
  12. Why should CS19 be held here?
  13. Anything else we should know:

Information on previous Cool Stars events