Friday, June 13 - Plenary Session

Name:  Sofia Randich

Affiliation:  INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri

Title:  The Gaia-ESO Survey

The Gaia-ESO Survey is an ESO large public spectroscopic survey to which 300 nights have been allocated with FLAMES on VLT/UT2. The Survey aims to obtain high resolution spectra of some 100,000 Milky Way stars, systematically covering all Galactic populations, from ancient halo stars, to young star forming regions, providing a homogeneous overview of the distributions of kinematics and elemental abundances. The Survey has completed about 2.5 years of observations and several thousand spectra have been processed and analyzed. In the talk, the project overview and progress will be presented, as well as several scientific highlights, with emphasis on the results obtained for open clusters and cool stars.