Tuesday, June 10 - Plenary Session

Name:  Kyle Augustson

Affiliation:  High Altitude Observatory -- NCAR

Title:  The Physics and Chemistry of Brown Dwarf Clouds: Results from HST and Spitzer Phase Mapping Programs

Many Sun-like stars exhibit cyclical magnetic activity. There is also some evidence for stochastic variations in these cycle's amplitudes, as well as evidence for organized, large-scale patterns of magnetic structures. Results of recent global-scale 3-D dynamo simulations that show some aspects of these phenomena are presented, where regular cycles, equatorward propagation of magnetic structures, and grand minima are among the salient features of these simulations. The mechanisms resulting in the cyclical nature of the achieved dynamo action within these simulations and their relevant time-scales are shown, along with an analysis of the conditions preceding and following the protracted minima in magnetic energy.