Tuesday, June 10 - Plenary Session

Name:  Pevtsov, A.A., Bertello, L., Harker, B.J., Giampapa, M.S., Marble, A.R.

Affiliation:  National Solar Observatory

Title:  SOLIS: Reconciling Disk-Integrated and Disk-Resolved Spectra from the Sun

Unlike other stars, the surface of the Sun can be spatially resolved to a high degree of detail. But the Sun can also be observed as if it was a distant star. The availability of solar disk-resolved and disk-integrated spectra offers an opportunity to devise methods to derive information about spatial distribution of solar features from sun-as-a-star measurements. This talk will present an update on work done at the National Solar Observatory to reconcile disk-integrated and disk-resolved solar spectra from the Solar Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS) station. We will also present the results of numerical simulations of the evolution of surface features, which are used to interpret the disk-integrated spectra. The results of this work will lead to a new approach to infer the information about the spatial distribution of features on other stars, from the overall filling factor of active regions to possibly the latitude/longitude distribution of features.