Contributed Posters

We will have space for 16-20 contributed posters. Posters should be not larger than 44" x 44".

Posters will be on display around the perimeter of the lecture hall for the entire meeting.
The hall will be open during the opening reception for putting up posters.

We will supply push pins for mounting posters on the boards.

Poster titles are linked to their abstracts where available.

Tom Ayres (CASA): The Cycles of Alpha Centauri
Matthieu Castro (Univ. Federal do Rio Grande do Norte): Modelling of Solar Analogs in M67
Jefferson-Soares da Costa (DFTE/ UFRN): Rotation and lithium abundance of the solar analogs and twins
Juliet Datson (Univ. Turku): Search for the best solar twin in the Geneva Copenhagen Survey
Daniel Fuegner(Astrophysical Institute Potsdam): Rotational Evolution of Low-Mass Stars: The STELLAR Open Cluster Survey
Jerald Harder, Juan Fontenla, Thomas Woods (LASP): Observations of Solar Variability Using the SORCE SIM Spectrometer
Silva Jarvinen (Astrophysical Institute Potsdam): Magnetic Activity in Young Solar Analogs
Khaled Khelfi (Ctr. Astron. Astrophys. Algiers): Transmission and Reflection of Compressive Waves in a Sunspot
Travis Metcalfe (HAO/NCAR): Activity Cycles of Southern Asteroseismic Targets
Audrey Morgenthaler(Obs. Pic du Midi): Long-term magnetic field monitoring of the Sun-like star xi Bootis A
Jose-Dias do Nascimento (DFTE / UFRN): TBD
Steve Saar (SAO): Modeling the Coronal Spectra of Quiet Stars and the Maunder Sun using Solar Building Blocks
Martin Snow (LASP / CU): Solar Variability from the Mg II and Ca II Indices
Leif Svalgaard (Stanford): Reconstructing Solar Activity 1700-2009