Rotation and lithium abundance of the solar analogs and twins

Jefferson Soares da Costa, José Dias do Nascimento Jr., & José Renan de Medeiros

Projected rotational velocity together with lithium abundance and the onset of the deepening in mass of the convective envelope provide a key tool to investigate the so far poorly understood processes at work in stellar interiors of solar analog and solar twin stars. To investigate the link between abundances, convection and rotation in solar–analog G dwarf stars, we study a bona fide sample of 118 selected solar–analog G dwarf stars presenting measured lithium abundances, rotational velocities and fundamental parameters, together with computed evolutionary tracks (Toulouse-Geneva code) for a range of stellar masses around 1 M? and metallicity consistent with the solar–analog range. On this work we follow the evolution of lithium and rotation as a function of stellar age, mass, effective temperature, and convection for a bona fide sample of solar analogs and twins. Our results shed new light on the lithium and rotational behavior in G dwarf stars. We confirmed the presence of a large Li abundance and rotation spreads among solar–analog stars and concluded that the solar twins probably share a similar mixing history with the Sun.

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