Searching for O-type Binaries in Clusters

Updated May 30, 2010

What We're Up to

This web page is a repository for stuff relating to the O-type Binaries in Clusters project, involving Kathy Eastwood (NAU), Nidia Morrell (Carnegie), Phil Massey (Lowell), Doug Gies (GSU), and Laura Penny (College of Charleston), plus students Erin Darnell (Columbia) and Yelena Tsitkin (MIT).

The plan is to find masses for high-mass stars using eclipsing detached binaries. Step 1 is to find the eclipsing systems. Here are the clusters we're working on, along with finding charts and references: The Clusters

The Pipeline

We will search for variability using data from several different telescopes. Here is the general philosophy:

The actual steps and links to the software:

Basic ccd reductions

We are making available a tar ball for the Y4KCam reductions and photometry. Enjoy.

Doing the photometry

The automatic photometry is in some ways the EASIEST part of all this. Nearly identical routines are used for the two instruments, and we describe them both here.

First, the various tasks have to be defined in your Then the main calling program is or Each program does the following:

Doing the Rest of It