Reduction Steps for the Swope

CCD reductions

All of the 1-m SITe CCD data were taken by collaborator Nidia Morrell and her colleagues at Las Campanas.

Some basic facts:

Some nitty gritty:

  • Exposures were primarily in "V", but with some U, B, and R, and sometimes additional filters. Kept only the UBVR.
  • Dome flats and sky flats agreed to better than 1% in V, so used dome flats for BVR. For "U" there are only sky flats.
  • Typical overscan level is 580, with "good" values extending to about 620. Among our nearly 10,000 or so frames there were a few bad ones, with bias levels of 0, 200, or 700+. These were eliminated.
  • There were three different sized images. This is what we finally adopted:
  • Combined zero's night-by-night but not much structure.
  • Header weirdnesses:


    In the following, I have included some minor helping scripts not because they will be useful per se, but that they might serve as examples for others. I had some help from the ledgendary Ed Anderson (NAU) in these.

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