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If you use material from these papers, please cite the authors appropriately. You may cite The Outer Edges of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies, 2002 Lowell Workshop On-Line Proceedings, We encourage you to contact the authors for current citation references.

Postscript file of ABSTRACTS for both talks and posters.


Wednesday, October 09

17:30 Welcome reception
19:30 End

POSTERS will be available for viewing throughout Thursday and Friday.

Thursday, October 10

08:30 Eric Wilcots (U. Wisconsin):
Extended HI Around Irregular Galaxies (Invited)
09:15 J. M. van der Hulst (Kapteyn Institute, Groningen):
The HI Edges of Disk Galaxies
09:30 Fabian Walter (Caltech / NRAO):
The extent of molecular gas in dwarf irregular galaxies
09:45 Erik Muller (U. Wollongong / ATNF), W. Zealey, L. Staveley-Smith
A study of the HI expanding shell population of the Magellanic Bridge [ Powerpoint ] [ Postscript Preprint ]
10:00 Break
10:45 Carme Gallart (IAC):
The star formation histories of the outer parts of dwarf irregular galaxies (Invited) [ Powerpoint ]
11:30 Sebastian Hidalgo (IAC)
The extended structure of the Phoenix dwarf galaxy revealed by HST
11:45 Arna Karick (U. Melbourne), M. Drinkwater, R. Webster
The spatial distribution of star-formation in Fornax Cluster dwarf galaxies [ Powerpoint ]
12:00 Walter Koprolin (U. Vienna):
Physical properties of the stellar population and the gas in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies [ Powerpoint ]
12:15 Eon-Chang Sung (Korea Astronomy Observatory / ANU), K. Freeman, H. Jerjen
Searching for Super Star Clusters in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies [ Powerpoint ]
12:30 Lunch

14:00 Annette Ferguson (Kapteyn Institute, Groningen)
The evolution of the outer regions of disk galaxies: Spirals vs. Irregulars (Invited)
14:45 Ralf-Juergen Dettmar (Ruhr-University Bochum):
The outer edges of disk galaxies--what we can learn in comparison
15:00 René Walterbos (New Mexico State U.)
Chemical abundance in M81's outer disk HII regions
15:15 Break
16:15 Gaspar Galaz (P. U. Católica de Chile)
Old stellar populations and gas content in low surface brightness galaxies [ Powerpoint ]
16:30 Poster summaries
17:30 End
18:30 Cocktails
19:00 Dinner
Viewing through the Clark Refractor

Friday, October 11

08:30 David Strickland (Johns Hopkins U.), T. Heckman, E. Colbert, C. Hoopes, K. Weaver
The connection between outflows from massive star feedback and the halos of star-forming galaxies (Invited) [ Postscript ]
09:15 Daniela Calzetti (STScI), J. Harris, D. Smith, J. Gallagher, N. Homeier, C. Conselice
The physical conditions of ionized gas at the edges of starburst regions [ Powerpoint ]
09:30 Gerhard Hensler (U. Kiel)
Star formation and gas cycles in dwarf irregular galaxies (Invited)
10:15 Break
11:15 Alessandra Aloisi (Johns Hopkins U.), T. Heckman, S. Savaglio, K. Sembach, C. Leitherer, C. Hoopes
FUSE metal abundance measurements in the interstellar medium of IZw18 [ Powerpoint ]
11:30 P. Chris Fragile (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), S. Murray, P. Anninos, D. Lin
Supernova enrichment of dwarf spheroidal galaxies: a numerical study [ Powerpoint ]
11:45 Stéphanie Côté (HIA, NRC)
Dark matter in dwarf irregulars: The ins and outs of rotation curves (Invited)
12:30 Lunch

14:00 Arif Babul (U. Victoria)
The interaction between the IGM and outflows from dwarf galaxies (Invited)
14:45 Sergey Mashchenko (McMaster U.)
Impact of UV radiation from giant spirals on the evolution of dwarf galaxies
15:00 Massimo Ricotti (Univ Cambridge)
Radiative feedback in the early universe: clues on the origin of Dwarf Spheroidals (Invited)
15:45 Break
16:30 Paul Hodge (U. Washington), D. Hunter, M. S. Oey
Summary [ Postscript ]
17:00 Discussion
"What role does the outer region play in the evolution of dwarf irregular galaxies?
What are the broader consequences?"
18:00 End

Saturday, October 12


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