Poster papers
If you use material from these papers, please cite the authors appropriately. You may cite The Outer Edges of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies, 2002 Lowell Workshop On-Line Proceedings, We encourage you to contact the authors for current citation references.

Postscript file of ABSTRACTS for both talks and posters.


Sylvie F. Beaulieu (U. Victoria), Claude Carignan (U. Montreal), Ken C. Freeman (MSSSO)

Sculptor and Cen A Groups: HI Detection in dSph Galaxies [ Postscript ]

Martin Bureau (Columbia U.)

On the Spiral Structure of NGC 2915 and Dark Matter [ Postscript preprint ]

G. Lyle Hoffman (Lafayette College), E. E. Salpeter (Cornell U.)

Mini-HVC and Compact HVC: Galactic Fuel, Tidal Debris or Proto-dwarf Galaxies [ Powerpoint ]

Janice C. Lee (U. Arizona), John J. Salzer (Wesleyan U.), Chris D. Impey (U. Arizona), Trinh X. Thuan (U. Virginia), and Caryl Gronwall (Pennsylvania State U.)

HI Properties of Low Luminosity Star-Forming Galaxies in the KPNO International Spectroscopic Survey [ Powerpoint ]

Jay Lockman (NRAO)

Discrete HI Clouds in the Galactic Halo [ Postscript poster ]

V. J. McIntyre (ATNF)

Star formation in the disk of NGC 4214

Stephen D. Murray (Lawrence Livermore Nat. Laboratory)

Tidal stripping of gas from dwarf galaxies [ Powerpoint ]

Sally Oey (Lowell Observatory), C. J. Clarke (IoA, Cambridge)

A star formation threshold for the escape of ionizing radiation from galaxies [ astro-ph preprint ]

Karen O'Neil (Arecibo Observatory),

ALFA -- The Arecibo L-band Feed Array

Jan Palous (Astron. Inst., Acad. of Sciences of the Czech Republic)

The gravitational instability of expanding shells: The mass spectrum of fragments

Caroline Simpson (Florida International Univ.), Deidre Hunter (Lowell Obs.), Pat Knezek (WIYN Obs)

DDO 88: Inner Turmoil, Outer Calm [ Postscript ]

Eon-Chang Sung (Korea Astron. Obs. / ANU), Kenneth C. Freeman (ANU), Lister Staveley-Smith (ATNF, CSIRO)

Is there a long HI bridge between two BCDGs, ESO 435-IG20 and ESO 435-IG16? [ Postscript ]

Stars and Star formation history

Javier Alonso-Garcia (U. Michigan)

RR Lyrae in M 32

Javier Alonso-Garcia (U. Michigan)

Intermediate-Age Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies in the M 81 Group: UGC 4998 and DDO 44

Nicola Caon (IAC), L. M. Cairos, J. A. Lopez-Aguerri, C. Munoz-Tunon, P. Papaderos

The structure of the underlying component in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies

Igor Drozdovsky (U. Pittsburgh)

Stars as a tracer of the shape of irregular galaxies' haloes

Sebastian Hidalgo (IAC)

NGC3109: Extended Structures in Faint Galaxies

Deidre Hunter (Lowell Obs.)

What's going on out there: The stellar edges of irregular galaxies [ Postscript proceedings ]

Arna Karick (U. Melbourne)

The relationship between nucleated dwarf elliptical galaxies and ultra-compact dwarf galaxies in the Fornax Cluster

Patricia M. Knezek (WIYN Obs.), Barton J. Pritzl (NOAO)

Star formation histories of three gas-rich dIrrs in the Centaurus A group of galaxies

Yutaka Komiyama (Subaru Telescope)

Wide-field imaging survey of the dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822 [ PDF - large format ]

Andrew Odell (Northern Arizona U.), Michael Maitzen (U. Vienna), James Schombert (U. Oregon), Karl Rakos (U. Vienna)

The Ages and Metallicities of Galaxies from Continuum Colors

S. C. Odewahn (Arizona State U.), R. A. Jansen, R. A. Windhorst, V. Taylor, P. Eskridge (Minnesota State University)

HST/WFPC2 Analysis of the Mid-UV--Optical Colors within the Disks of Nearby Galaxies [ Postscript proceedings - contains large image files ]

Michael Pohlen (IAC), Ralf-Juergen Dettmar (Ruhr-U. Bochum)

Do low surface brightness galaxies exhibit outer stellar truncations: Case study of UGC7321, UGC9242, and ESO342-017 [ Postscript proceedings ]

Violet Taylor (Arizona State U.)

UV-Optical light profiles and color gradients of late-type, irregular, and peculiar galaxies [ Directory of Postscript files, including entire poster ]

Matthew G. Walker (U. Michigan)

Stellar Radial Velocity Profile for the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy

Rogier A. Windhorst (Arizona State U.), Seth H. Cohen, Rolf A. Jansen, Stephen C. Odewahn, Simon P. Driver (Australian National U.), Daisuke Kawata, Brad K. Gibson (Swinburne U.), and Andrew Hopkins (U. of Pittsburgh)

Fundamental limitations to the observability of the outskirts of galaxies at high redshifts: The natural confusion limit in ultra-deep optical-IR and radio surveys [ Postscript proceedings ]

Ted K. Wyder (Caltech), Paul W. Hodge (U. Washington)

The stellar populations in the outer regions of NGC 6822 [ Postscript proceedings ]

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