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TRACE solar image

We consider a thorough set of accessible descriptions of our research a vital component of our program. Stars are fascinating objects, and even climate change appears in the news every now and then. This page is the portal to a number of articles about what we do.



The table of contents at right contains links to all our articles. Click any title to go to that article. The main text of each article appears at right, and the left sidebar contains a list of terms used in the text that might be unfamiliar. Colored links take you to pages on this site with more details or explanations; green backgrounds indicate general articles and red backgrounds indicate technical articles. I've also tried to include links to reputable external online resources.



References to the literature are provided wherever appropriate for all technical and layman-level content on this site. Hover your mouse over a citation to see a tooltip with information about the reference and a red graphic link to its online version, if available. "ADS" means "Astrophysical Data Service," while "Ref" means another source. You'll also see my estimate of the article's level: 1 star = all readers, 2 = advanced layman level, 3 = professional level but readable and engaging, 4 = heavy technical going, 5 = cranial meltdown possible. Following the stars is an icon indicating which online source is linked.

NOTE: The articles below assume you've never read anything about this research area, and they are written in non-technical (though not watered down) language. The "terms" with each article will explain a few of these, but for the many others, I'll be adding new articles and cross-links as I go along. I hope that eventually you'll be able to navigate your way to an explanation of anything unfamiliar, but bear with me; that will take a while. For more information, read the sidebar at left.

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