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OIL System Message Codes

OIL uses a number of predefined system codes to provide diagnostic messages as data processing executes. Users can define their own codes as well, but should take care to ensure that such codes do not conflict with the OIL system codes. To do so, just use any number below 65,536; OIL system messages begin at 100000L. Note that the system will selectively log messages depending on the value of a Root-derived object's logCodes data member, so if you want to log everything, create the Root-derived object with its logCodes data member set to !OIL_ALL. If you only want to log messages (the 100000 codes below, as well as any of your own), set logCodes to !OIL_MSG and pass that parameter to Root::add_history along with your message and message number.

We reserve 1xxxxx messages for !OIL_MSG codes, 2xxxxx for !OIL_WRN, and 3xxxxx for !OIL_ERR.


100000 Root::init Obj_Class( Self ) created
100010 Root::clear_history Obj_Class( Self ) history cleared
100020 Root::set_history logCodes data member changed to < value >
100030 Root::set_sys_msg sysMsg data member changed to < value >
100099 Root::is_valid Root valid
100200 Filelink::modified Object file modified
100210 Filelink::set_datafile Data file name changed
100415 Header::read Header read successfully
100416 Header::write HEADER written successfully
100515 BasicFITSHeader::read Header read successfully
100516 BasicFITSHeader::write BasicFITSHeader written successfully
100520 BasicFITSHeader::set_card_image Card image keyword truncated
100600 Image::new_data_array Obj_Class( Self ) new_data_array called
100615 Image::read Image data read successfully
100615 Image::write Image data written successfully
100620 Image::is_valid Image data type changed
100621 Image::new_data_array Image data members (re)initialized
100630 Image::set_id Image ID changed
100631 Image::set_imstat Image status changed
102002 Filestream::init Data assumed to be binary
102003 Filestream::init Format string is null
102015 Filestream::read Data read successfully
102016 Filestream::write Data written successfully
110005 Tool::show_data No attached data to show
110006 Tool::crop_active_rect Crop failed - no data attached to tool
115004 Bias::detach_2dbias No 2D bias attached
200200 Filelink::init Data file name null
200099 Root::is_valid Root invalid
200299 Filelink::is_valid Filelink invalid
200220 Filelink::stat_datafile Attempt to stat closed data file
200499 Header::is_valid Header invalid
200599 BasicFITSHeader::is_valid BasicFITSHeader invalid
200620 Image::is_valid Attempt to change to invalid data type
200621 Image::is_valid Type change attempt on invalid data
200699 Image::is_valid Image invalid
200522 BasicFITSHeader::set_card_image Attempt to set card image in null header
200601 Image::init Obj_Class(Self) data type assumed to be int
200602 Image::init Obj_Class(Self) bad data type, assumed to be int
200603 Image::init Obj_Class(Self) X/Ydim set to 512
202003 Filestream::init Data structure is invalid
202005 Filestream::set_ioType Illegal format value
202099 Filestream::is_valid Filestream invalid
202032 Filestream::format_strings Invalid number of string lengths
202036 Filestream::reset_data Data reset failed
210004 Tool::attach_data Data already attached to tool
210006 Tool::set_active_rect Rectangle index out of range
210007 Tool::set_rect Rectangle not set - index out of range
210020 Tool::update Update vectors incompatible
210021 Tool::update Datalist array out of range
210099 Tool::is_valid TOOL invalid
210204 ReduceTool::set_fccs FCC args incompatible
215004 Bias::attach_2dbias 2D bias already attached
300220 Filelink::open_datafile Failed to open data file
300221 Filelink::close_datafile Failed to close data file
300412 Header::write HEADER write failed
300415 Header::read Header read failed
300512 BasicFITSHeader::write BasciFITSHeader write failed
300515 BasicFITSHeader::read BasicFITSHeader read failed
300421 Header::get_field Attempt to get field from null header
300422 Header::get_field Attempt to set field from null header
300423 Header::get_field Field number out of range
300520 BasicFITSHeader::get_card_image No fields in header match get request
300521 BasicFITSHeader::get_card_image Attempt to get field from null header
300522 BasicFITSHeader::get_card_image Card image number out of range
300522 BasicFITSHeader::set_mandatory Attempt to set illegal BITPIX value
300615 Image::read Image read failed
300616 Image::write Image data write failed
302015 Filestream::read FILESTREAM read failed
302412 Filestream::write FILESTREAM write failed
302413 Filestream::write Must specify format for ASCII write
310000 Tool::go Action failed for invalid TOOL
315000 Bias::go Action failed; no data attached
315100 Ordermap::go Action failed; no data attached
315101 Ordermap::go Action failed; no order peak array
315400 Spectrum::go Spectrum Action failed; no data attached
315401 Spectrum::go Spectrum action failed; no ordermap present
315200 ScatteredLight::go Action failed; no data attached
315201 ScatteredLight::go Action failed; no ordermap present
315500 Normalizer::go Action failed; no data attached

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